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What You Need to Know About Diploma Mills - Distance Learning
If you're considering attending an online school, learn as much about diploma mills as you can. This article will teach you how to spot them, how to avoid them,  ...
Online School Accreditation - Regional, DETC, Diploma Mills
Accreditation is one of the most important factors in choosing an online school. Make sure that your school is accredited by the right accreditation agencies.
Where Can I Find a List of Unaccredited Online Colleges - Distance ...
Hundreds of diploma mill "schools" offer fake degrees in exchange for cash payments. Others offer a ... What You Need to Know About Diploma Mills ...
Where Is Using a Diploma Mill Degree Illegal? - Distance Learning
Additionally, students receiving degrees from diploma mills are not eligible for federal financial aid nor may they use their degrees to qualify for federal ...
How to Spot a Diploma Mill: 12 Signs - Graduate School - About.com
Diploma mills take your money in exchange for false credentials. Learn more about diploma mills and how to avoid them.
What to Do If You've Been Tricked by a Diploma Mill - How to Get ...
Diploma mills are known for using aggressive, unethical recruiting techniques to sign up unsuspecting students. If you enrolled in an online school you thought ...
Watch out for Diploma Mills - US Military - About.com
Apr 8, 2004 ... Diploma mills prey on na´ve people who are often too busy with families and careers to attend classes. The school isn't properly accredited and ...
FTC Expels Online 'Diploma Mill' Schools
Sep 25, 2014 ... So how can you tell real online schools from diploma mills that sell worthless degrees requiring no course work? It's all in the ads, says the ...
Fake College and Diploma Mills - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
Do you know a real college from a fake college? Diploma mills have cost countless unsuspecting students a lot of pain and a whole lot of money. Find out how ...
Is Your Doctor Really a Doctor? Diploma Mills Confer MD Degrees
Aug 8, 2008 ... (updated 1.26.2011 - see comments below) There is so little useful information online about specific doctors, their credentials and their ...
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