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Tax Breaks for Students - Distance Learning - About.com
In order to ease the burden of students in this time of costly textbooks and record- high tuition bills, the federal government has provided several sizable tax ...
Higher Education Tuition and Fees Tax Deduction - Distance Learning
An overview of the Higher Education Tuition and Fees Tax Deduction Tax, including who qualifies and how to find out more information.
Overview of the American Opportunity Tax Credit - Tax Planning: U.S.
American Opportunity Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit for undergraduate college education expenses. This credit provides up to $2,500 in tax credits on the ...
Federal Tax Incentives for Higher Education - Tax Planning: U.S.
Here's an overview of the key tax breaks for pursuing post-secondary education. College savings plans, also called Section 529 plans, are a tax-favored savings ...
Overview of the Tuition and Fees Deduction - Tax Planning: U.S.
However, the deduction is not available for married couples who file separate tax returns. The tuition deduction is not restricted based on what year of college ...
Overview of the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit - Tax Planning: U.S.
The Lifetime Learning Credit is a tax credit for any person who takes college classes. It provides a tax credit of 20% of tuition expenses, with a maximum of ...
Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
You can claim up to $2500 of student loan interest you paid as an above-the-line tax deduction on Form 1040.
Claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit - Saving for College
Overview of claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit when student loans are used to pay for college.
American Opportunity Tax Credit - Definition & Overview
The American Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax credit for education instituted by President Barack Obama. The purpose of this tax credit is to make college more ...
Education Expenses for American Opportunity Tax Credit
Overview of what qualified education expenses may be used to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit.
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