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Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Profile

By Tammy J. Oseid

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Basics:

Website: www.cmacademy.org

Phone: 866-575-4989

Address: 402 E. Yakima Ave., Suite 1100

Yakima, WA 98901

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Academics:

At this private, not-for-profit virtual K-12 school, a certified teacher guides and supports children through their education. Students generally complete one self-paced course at a time, but they must master each lesson before progressing. Parents or guardians must agree to be active in their child's education. In the 2007-08 school year, 40 students attended, according to the Washington State education department. Many of the 290 students the academy previously reported to its regional accrediting agency may have switched to Christa McAuliffe's new public sister school, Achieve Online, which opened in February 2007.

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Accreditation:

The Northwest Association of Accredited Schools accredits this school regionally, and the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation does so internationally. Additionally, the Washington State Board of Education has approved the Christa McAuliffe Academy as a private school since its founding in 1985.

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Degrees and Programs:

In addition to the self-paced high school diploma program, the academy offers a phonics-based kindergarten program and K-6 instruction based on Compass Learning's Odyssey curriculum. Students enrolled at other schools can also take Christa McAuliffe Academy courses independently. Advanced electives include calculus, journalism, creative writing, chemistry and physics. The school's language electives include American Sign Language, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. Students can participate in extracurricular student government, a student newspaper, a photography club and a technology "talent pool." Students can travel together to historic sites through an optional global-adventure program for an extra fee.

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Admissions:

Motivated students capable of working independently may apply online or via mail or fax. Prospective students must select a faculty member as a mentor; they will also "attend" a homeroom-style class with this teacher. Students can normally get started within two days of applying if tuition is paid via credit card.

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online School Costs:

Full-time students currently pay a registration fee of $90 plus $325 per month of enrollment, according to the school's Web site. For year-round access, the school offers a 10 percent discount for an annual total of $3,510. Students who wish to take one 90-day course pay a $350 one-time fee and may buy a 30-day extension for $100 if needed. Students who wish to take as many courses as possible in 90 days pay a $650 one-time fee. Honors courses are available for an additional $75. Books are either available online for no extra fee or may be found in local public libraries. A reliable Internet connection - preferably high-speed - and an email address are required.

Interesting Fact:

In February 2007, Christa McAuliffe staff launched Achieve Online, a public school free to Washington students and based on the academy's methods and curriculum.

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