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CompuHigh Online High School Profile

Home of the Whitmore School Diploma Program

By K. C. Campbell

CompuHigh Online High School Basics:
Website: www.compuhigh.com
Phone: 866-859-0777
Address: 515 Wilson Ave.
Morgantown, W. Va. 26501

CompuHigh Online High School Academics:

CompuHigh, founded in 1994, bills itself as the world's first online high school. It offers 38 courses in a variety of humanities and sciences as well as physical education that can be taken independently or as a full diploma program for students in grades nine through 12. Adults over 21 may pursue a high school diploma by combining previous high school credit with up to five credits of "life experience" and a selection of CompuHigh courses.

The nationally accredited diploma program operates under the name Whitmore School, which offers two diploma tracks: General Studies (18 credits to graduate) and College Prep (22 credits to graduate). CompuHigh is accredited by the North Central Association and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (both regional accreditors), as well as the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation.

CompuHigh Online High School Admissions:

CompuHigh enrolls students year-round with no prerequisites. Enrollment forms must be sent in by regular mail; once processed, students can typically start studying within 24 hours. The school accepts transfer credits earned at other schools, although the amount of credit varies depending on the course and accreditation.

CompuHigh Online High School Coursework:

The online course interface has an informal, conversational tone and uses simple text layouts and navigation techniques; there are no graphics, photos, Flash or other cutting-edge design elements. Anyone can view a demo and sample classes on the CompuHigh Web site.

Each course at CompuHigh has its own teacher, whom students can contact by email for help. Teachers may take up to 48 hours to reply; most have regular 9-to-5 jobs unconnected with CompuHigh. The school suggests that students take two courses at a time and complete at least one lesson a day in each course. Students can take up to a year to finish a course, however. In addition to core subjects students can choose from a limited number of electives, including Web design, stress management, and independent study.

CompuHigh Online High School Costs:

Tuition for the diploma program (General Studies or College Prep) is $985 per year, which covers up to eight credits. The school's "Diploma Plus" program, which offers such additional services as educational counseling and weekly progress reports for parents, costs $1,485 per year. Individual courses at CompuHigh are $275 each. Tuition for the adult education program is a flat fee of $985. Students in the diploma and adult programs may pay in three consecutive installments. There are no textbooks or other expenses to factor in.

Interesting Fact:

In addition to "virtual" graduations in January and August, CompuHigh hosts a formal graduation ceremony at its West Virginia headquarters each June. Students graduating any time that year may attend.

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