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eCornell Profile

Online Professional Development Program

By K.C. Campbell

eCornell Basics:
Website: www.ecornell.com
Phone: 866-326-7635
Address: 840 Hanshaw Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

eCornell Overview:

eCornell, a subsidiary of Cornell University, is an online professional development program that offers courses in a variety of business fields, including management, human resources, finance and hospitality. The program is geared toward both mid-level professionals who want to expand their core business knowledge and executives looking to hone their strategic and managerial skills. Participants can sign up for individual courses or enroll in multi-course certificate programs.

eCornell bills itself as an "online learning company" (not a "school") and therefore maintains a pretty corporate ethos. Courses, which typically vary from about five to six hours of study over a two-week span, are designed for working professionals and can be completed at the participants' convenience. Courses are built primarily around case studies and simulated business scenarios, so the focus is on practical, everyday work situations. Although most of the work is done independently, instructors are available as necessary to answer questions; students can also collaborate in online discussion forums and chat rooms.

eCornell Accreditation:

Because eCornell is a training and development program, it is not accredited in the same way a college or university would be, but its curriculum has been approved by partner organizations such as the Human Resource Certification Institute and the Project Management Institute. Exact equivalency credits are listed on each course description page.

The individual courses offered at eCornell don't translate directly into college credits, but students who complete a certificate program can apply for continuing education credits from Cornell University.

eCornell Degrees and Programs:

eCornell offers 21 certificate programs, including several each in management, human resources and hospitality/food service management. Dozens of individual courses are available a la carte, and customized learning programs can be developed for companies.

eCornell Admissions:

Students can sign up for individual courses or certificate programs at any time through eCornell's website. After enrolling, students will receive an e-mail with the start and end dates for their courses, allowing them to log in to familiarize themselves with the eCornell environment.

eCornell Costs:

Regular business and human resources courses cost $575 to $599 each. For some hospitality and food service management courses, the price jumps to $1,145 each. Certificate programs run from $2,149 to $6,599, depending on the field and the number of courses included. Students paying their own way can apply for loans through SLM Financial directly from the eCornell website.

Interesting Fact:

The course materials at eCornell - called CourseNotes - are downloadable, dynamic e-books that allow students to search the text, highlight passages, and copy and paste.

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