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Navy Tuition Assistance

By Ron Dicker

(LifeWire) - Navy Tuition Assistance Basics:

Active-duty sailors can get a fully subsidized education with tuition assistance, as long as their course loads don't exceed 16 semester hours or 24 quarter hours per year. The maximum tuition aid is capped at $250 per semester credit hour or $166 per quarter credit hour. The aid also applies to online distance learning. Sailors might also consider the income-based Pell Grant and individual scholarships offered by each school. Navy veterans and other qualifiers can apply for the recently expanded G.I. Bill.

Qualifying for Navy Tuition Assistance:

Enlisted active-duty personnel and officers are eligible, as are Naval reservists who are serving active duty for 120 or more days, and reservist officers ordered to active duty for a minimum of 24 months. Navy officers must agree to stay on active duty at least two years after the course is over. All tuition assistance recipients must choose a school that is accredited by a Department of Education-approved agency and remain on active duty for the duration of the class. Sailors must return the money if they fail a course for non-military reasons. Sailors should note that the Navy provides exams that might serve as a completed credit substitute for the course to be subsidized.

Online Colleges Approved for Navy Tuition Assistance:

Among the approved online colleges for Navy tuition assistance are Colorado Technical University, Davenport University, DeVry University, Grantham University, National American University and University of Phoenix.

Applying for Navy Tuition Assistance:

Sailors should contact their Navy College Office to determine which courses they can take with tuition assistance. Then they are required to fill out TA Application form NETPDTC 1560/3 to list official course choices and the corresponding costs. Sailors are liable if they write down inaccurate information, so double-checking information is encouraged. The signed form, indicating full understanding of the obligations involved, must then be submitted to the Navy College Office. Sailors must receive command approval to proceed.

LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Ron Dicker is a New York-based freelance writer who covered sports for The New York Times from 1996 to 2005.

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