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Keystone National High School Profile

By K.C. Campbell

Keystone National High School Basics:

Website: www.keystonehighschool.com
Phone: 800-255-4937
Address: 920 Central Road
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Keystone National High School Academics:

Founded in 1974 to help students earn credits for failed coursework at their regular high school, Keystone National High School has evolved into a full-service high school offering both online and correspondence study for grades nine through 12. Students can earn a diploma from Keystone, or take individual courses to supplement the work they're doing elsewhere.

Keystone offers two tracked programs for its degree-seeking students. Those on the college track have access to Advanced Placement courses in 17 subjects, as well as honors courses in such areas as English, American government and chemistry. Students on the career track can study subjects like business writing and computer fundamentals to help them gear up for the job market.

A main difference between the online and correspondence options at Keystone is cost (correspondence is cheaper). Given the speedy nature of communications technology, including phone, fax and e-mail, versus postal correspondence, turnaround time for teacher feedback is apt to be faster with the online option. Students who study online also have access to interactive lessons, a resource library and 24-hour technical support. Instructors are available for one-on-one consultation by e-mail or phone, and students who want to interact with their peers can join one of the school's extracurricular clubs.

Keystone National High School Accreditation:

Keystone is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and the Distance Education and Training Council, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Keystone National High School Degrees and Programs:

To earn a diploma from Keystone, students must complete 21 credits; up to 16 of those can be transferred from other programs. That coursework spans traditional subjects like English, science, math, social studies, art and music, and all students can choose from a wide range of electives that include foreign languages, digital photography and video game design. Full-time students typically take five courses at a time; at that rate, someone starting ninth grade at Keystone could graduate in four years. Students are free to complete courses more quickly and graduate sooner, however.

According to the school's website, full-credit courses typically take around 180 hours to complete (20 hours more for honors courses). Students have from eight weeks to one year to complete each course.

Keystone National High School Admissions:

Students can enroll at Keystone at any time, as long as they have completed eighth grade. Course materials are sent out following registration.

Keystone National High School Costs:

The average tuition for full-time students is $1,400 to $2,600 per year, depending on the method of study. The cost includes all textbooks and course materials (shipping is extra, however). Monthly payment plans are available.

The cost of individual courses is $379 per full-credit online course, $279 per full-credit correspondence course and $429 per AP course.

Interesting Fact:

Prospective students can visit Keystone's website to demo a sample interactive lesson.

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