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University of Miami Online High School Profile

By K. C. Campbell

University of Miami Online High School Basics:

Website: www.umohs.org
Phone: 877-871-8163
Address: 4601 Sheridan St.
Suite 600
Hollywood, FL 33021

University of Miami Online High School Academics:

Run by Kaplan Virtual Education, UMOHS offers full-time, part-time and summer study for students in grades 8-12. The school specializes in "special talent" students (such as competitive athletes and performers) who need to work around training and travel schedules, but it's open to anyone who prefers a more flexible high school alternative.

All UMOHS course work is done online, and instructors are available via e-mail, IM or phone, depending on the program. Students work on courses independently and set their own pace. They have up to 40 weeks to finish a one-credit course and 20 weeks for a half-credit course. In addition to core high school subjects, the school offers electives in topics like journalism, psychology and Web design, as well as some honors and Advanced Placement courses.

University of Miami Online High School Accreditation:

UMOHS is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

University of Miami Online High School Degrees and Programs:

Students who enroll at UMOHS have a lot of choices to make. Full time or part time? College prep (24 credits to graduate) or career prep (18 credits)? But perhaps their most important decision is choosing how much interaction they'd like to have with teachers. The main UMOHS program is highly personalized: Students have a single teacher in each course who works with them one-on-one to provide guidance and support. Students in this program also have access to AP courses and college coaching.

Students in UMOHS's independent-study program don't interact with teachers as much: Students can contact a teacher call center for help, but they don't develop the same kind of one-on-one relationships. Course selection is also limited. This option is significantly cheaper, though, and may appeal to students who prefer to work independently.

The UMOHS summer program is geared primarily toward students who need to pick up transfer credits. Students can enroll anytime between May and August; the courses are offered in 4-week and 8-week formats.

University of Miami Online High School Admissions:

UMOHS enrolls students year-round. Applicants must be at least 13 years old, and those interested in earning a UMOHS diploma must submit an essay along with the other application materials. Students may transfer credits earned at other schools.

University of Miami Online High School Costs:

For the regular, full-service UMOHS program, tuition is $1,795 per credit (the equivalent of a year-long course) and $897.50 per half credit (the equivalent of a semester-long course). For the independent-study program, tuition is $1,045 per credit, and summer courses are $550 per credit. Some payment plans are available.

Interesting Fact:

UMOHS offers a number of "virtual clubs" - including a debate club, a math honor society and a school newspaper - that give students the chance to interact with each other and add extracurricular activities to their resumes.

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