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Choose the School that Fits You Best

Decide what distance education school fits you best by browsing our reviews of popular online, correspondence, and other schools. Figure out where to go to get the degree you need, at a cost you can afford, during the time you have.

Choosing the School for You
Before you enroll in online classes, take a few minutes to interview the school of your choice. Asking your questions upfront can ensure that the school is a perfect match for you.

How to Compare Online Colleges
Comparing online colleges can be a challenge. You may know the type of program you're looking for, but narrowing your list of potential programs can be difficult. These five considerations can help you compare online colleges based on what each school offers.

Readers Respond: How Did You Choose Your Online College
There are dozens of quality online colleges to choose from and more every year. Choosing the right online college is probably the most important step you can take when becoming an online learner. How did you choose your online college? Share your story and see what other online college students have to say.

Get an Online Degree Employers Take Seriously
Let’s face it: what others think about your degree matters. A lot. Students choose to learn online for a variety of reasons including personal fulfillment, career advancement, and love of learning. But, no one wants their online degree to be ridiculed or regarded as less valuable than a degree from a “regular” school.

Online College Residency Requirements
A residency requirement is a set amount of time a student must spend on campus in order to complete a degree. Many brick-and-mortar colleges mandate residency requirements for their online students.

Online College Testing Requirements
Whether you thrive under pressure or prefer to learn in a low-key environment, it’s important to find a college that meets your test-taking needs.

Choose an Online Class Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle
Whether you want to meet deadlines or learn at your own pace, there is an online class schedule to fit your style.

Do Your Homework
Before you enroll in an online class, do some research to find out if the school is the right match for you.

Synchronous Distance Learning vs. Asynchronous Distance Learning
There are two primary types of virtual courses: synchronous distance learning and asynchronous distance learning. Knowing the difference between these two terms will help you choose a program that works for your schedule.

The 6 Snares Fake Schools Set
Watch out. There are dozens of online schools that appear legitimate but do nothing to back their claims of providing you with a meaningful education and a genuine diploma. Before you end up with a diploma that's not worth the paper it's printed on, check to make sure any school you are considering hasn't set one of these traps.

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