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Choose an Online Class Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle


Basics of Online Class Schedules:

Whether you want to meet deadlines or learn at your own pace, there is an online class schedule to fit your learning style. Before enrolling in any online college, compare class schedules and pacing. Choosing a schedule that fits your needs will help you manage your time and stay on top of your assignments.

Below are some of the most common online class schedules.

Self-Paced Schedules:

Self-paced online classes allow students to complete coursework whenever they choose. Generally, courses must be complete within a generous time frame such as a year. However, students can study the material and take the exams whenever they please.

Self-paced courses are best for independent, motivated students who have the discipline to impose their own deadlines. They are a good fit for full-time employees and parents who don’t have the ability to schedule class meetings and exams during the day.

Self-Paced Schedules with Deadlines:

Some online colleges offer self-paced classes with deadlines. Students must complete each unit of work (such as an essay or exam) before a set date. However, they can complete this work whenever they choose.

Self-paced courses with deadlines are best for busy students who need the freedom to schedule their class work but still desire the structure of due dates.

Follow Along Schedules:

Follow along courses require online students to meet more strict deadlines and often have weekly course meetings. Like traditional college classes, follow along courses oblige all students to complete the same work during the same time frame. Sometimes students are required to discuss course material through a scheduled chat or a message board thread. They may also be asked to interact with their professor via email or work on virtual group projects.

Follow along courses work well for students that are new to online learning and / or appreciate a strict schedule.

Real-Time Schedules:

Real-time courses are generally carried out through video or audio conferencing. Students meet online as often as several times a week to receive instruction from their professor and interact with their peers. They may also complete projects in groups or conference with their professor throughout the week.

Real-time courses are best for students with open schedules and a preference for direct interaction.

Choosing an Online Class Schedule:

When choosing an online class schedule, first consider your learning preferences. Do you like regular interaction or prefer to work on your own? Do you need deadlines to accomplish your goals? Next, think about your lifestyle and commitments. Follow along and real-time courses can work well for those with free time, while self-paced courses are better for busy learners with work and family obligations.
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