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The Higher Education Transfer Alliance


What is the Higher Education Transfer Alliance (HETA)?:

The Higher Education Transfer Alliance is a voluntary group of colleges supporting credit transferability. Schools belonging to HETA agree to consider transfer credits and degrees from any college that receives accreditation from an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the United States Department of Education (USDE).

How Can HETA Benefit Me?:

If you have coursework or degrees from online colleges that are not regionally accredited, you may have difficulty transferring to another school. By finding a HETA college, you can be assured that your transcripts will be considered (assuming, of course, that your previous school was accredited by an institution that CHEA or the USDE recognizes). This is a particularly useful for students studying at DETC accredited colleges. Not all regionally accredited colleges accept credits from DETEC schools – but, you can find a college that does in the HETA database.

Are All Degrees From HETA Schools Considered Equal?:

No. Since these colleges are recognized by legitimate accreditors, you won't find any diploma mills on the list. However, belonging to HETA does not mean that a college is prestigious or will be accepted in the workplace. It simply means that the school has a generous transfer policy. Although employers are becoming more accepting of online degrees, they do not always accept coursework from schools that are not regionally accredited.

How Can I Find Online Colleges Belonging to HETA?:

You can find programs belonging to this association by searching the Higher Education Transfer Alliance Database on the CHEA website.
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