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School Profile: Laurel Springs School (K-12)


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Quick Facts

Name of School: Laurel Springs School
School Type: K-12 Private Distance Learning
Degrees offered: High School Diploma
Accredited by: Western Association of Schools and Colleges - WASC
Website: www.laurelsprings.com
Phone Number: 805-646-2473
Email: info@laurelsprings.com
Address: Mail: P.O. Box 1440, Ojai, CA 93024
Physical: 302 W. El Paseo Rd. Ojai, CA 93023


    1. Generally speaking, how does your school work? Is it completely online or do students physically meet with teachers on a regular basis? It is a personalized distance learning program that provides online classes and traditional text based classes all at a distance.

    2. Who is this school accredited by? How long have you had that accreditation? Accredited by: Western Association of Schools and Colleges – WASC Since 2000.

    3. How much is tuition? Are there any additional fees or hidden costs? All inclusive price K-6 average $1,500, 7-8, $2,200, 9-12 $3,500.

    4. What education and experience do your teachers have? Majority come to us with many years experience as seasoned classroom teachers. Currently only credentialed teachers with advanced degrees in their subject area are hired.

    5. What education and experience do your course designers have? Specialist in their subject areas, with advanced degrees.

    6. How many students does each teacher work with? Full time teachers have 40-60 students taught individually on a one on one basis. Part time have 10-25 students.

    7. What hardware and software do students need? Just an internet connection, we provide the Learning Management System (LMS).

    8. How long does it take to complete your programs? Self paced, one semester is 5 months, full year course is 10 months.

    9. Can students speed ahead or take more time and work at their own pace? Yes, absolutely we personalize the program to fit the student’s abilities.

    10. What curriculum is used? Do students need to purchase textbooks? Grades 4-12 have the option to do all work online or choose a text based program and send the work via mail or email.

    11. What resources are available for students who need extra help? Students have a one on one relationship with their teacher; if more help is needed local tutors can be used to supplement the program.

    12. When was this school established? Established in 1991.

    13. How many students are currently enrolled? As of January 2006 there are 2,400 students.

    14. How many students have graduated from your school? Average 150 graduates per year.

    15. How do students communicate with the school? Is it all online or is there a number they can call for help? Via phone or email with school and teacher.

    16. Additional information: College prep course are designed to meet UC and NCAA requirements. Laurel Springs Students have scored 35% higher than the national average on National norm testing. Laurel Springs High School Graduates, 74% go on to college, 44% to four year colleges and universities, and 30% to community colleges.

For high schools only:

    1. What grade levels do you offer? 9-12 grades

    2. Can out-of-state students enroll in your program? Yes

    3. What type of students generally enroll in your program? Athletes, Actors, Gifted, Accelerated, Home schoolers

    4. What level of flexibility do you offer families, particularly those who have been home schooling in the past? We offer a personalized program that has the option of customization for a students particular needs.

    5. What percent of your students go on to college? Laurel Springs High School Graduates, 74% go on to college.

    6. What extracurricular programs do you offer? Prom, Graduation Ceremony, Pen Pal Program, Student message board, Home school support groups, Educational Travel Options.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this profile page has been provided by the school itself and has not been independently verified.
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