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Free Courses

From language learning to religious instruction, the internet is a fantastic place to find distance learning courses for free.

Get the Most from Free Online Classes
Whether you want to improve your programming skills, dance the Argentine Tango, or gain a French vocabulary, there are thousands of free online classes to choose from. So many options can make it difficult to choose a free online class and stick with the syllabus. But, there are a few strategies that can help you get the most out of free online...

Top Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Want to learn in a real online community, get feedback from your work, and have an instructor available to help? Want to do it all for free? Take a look at these top MOOCs or massively open online courses.

How MOOCs Are Changing the Way People Learn
Want to take a high-quality online course, meet fellow learners, and interact with instructors, without paying any tuition? MOOCs, or massively open online classes, are bringing free education to the masses.

The Dark Side of the MOOCs: Big Problems with Massively Open Online Courses
Free Massively Open Online Courses seem like a great deal for students. But, several learners have experienced some problems with the no-cost option.

How Edx Will Revolutionize Online Learning
When MIT and Harvard join forces to offer full, interactive online courses to anyone with a computer, magic happens.

Earn College Credit by Taking Free Online Classes
It is possible to earn legitimate college credit by taking a free online class. The process isn’t always easy. But, if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, you could complete a degree requirement by studying free online class materials.

Online Learning for Video Game Developers
If you're interested in becoming a video game developer, take a look at these free and low-cost online classes and learning materials from programs like EdX.

Learn a Language Through Audio, Video, and Free Courses
You can learn a language in your car, on your laptop, or anywhere you go with this collection of top-notch online language classes.

The Best OpenCourseWare Collections
From video lectures to interactive exercises, we've scoured the web to create this editorially-reviewed list of the best opencourseware resources.

Khan Academy
This revolutionary, non-profit website lets anyone learn for free by watching high-quality video tutorials. You can learn science, math, or other subjects in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

University of the People Profile
The University of the People is a tuition-free online college offering programs in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Give Online Learning a Try with Free Online Classes
Many students are interested in distance learning, but not quite ready to risk their tuition money. If you’re still on the fence, you may be able to get a feel for virtual studies by taking a free online class.

Learn a Computer Programming Language Online for Free
Want to learn how to program? Take a look at these free e-books, opencourseware programs, and university resources to learn on your own.

Free Online Ukulele Classes
Free online ukulele classes make playing this four-stringed instrument easy. The top-reviewed free online ukulele classes in this list can help you get started or improve your skills.

How Do You Use Free Online Classes?
Free online classes can help learners prepare for traditional studies, brush up on their skills, or develop new talents. Learn how other students use free online classes and share your story.

Free Online Drawing Classes
Anyone can learn how to draw by taking a free online drawing class. The top-rated free online drawing classes in this list offer helpful instruction for beginning artists of every age. Use the web as your art instructor and you can log on to learn whenever you please.

Free Online Math Classes
Check out this collection of the best free online math classes to learn how to solve just about any problem.

Free Online Tutorials
Free online tutorials can help you master Adobe Photoshop, make advanced calculations in Microsoft Excel, or create more impressive PowerPoint presentations. Use these free online tutorials to sharpen your business, design, and programming skills while preparing for success in your online courses.

Free Online Dance Classes
Whether you want to learn ballroom, salsa, swing, or hip hop, these free online dance classes can help. Learn to dance by watching online video lessons and practicing the steps at home.

Free Online Guitar Classes
Anyone can learn to play the guitar with these top-rated free online guitar classes. Get started immediately with step-by-step lessons, video examples, and tabs.

Free Online Ruby Programming Classes
Anyone can improve their skills by taking a free online Ruby programming class. Learn Ruby on Rails by checking out these top-rated tutorials, screencasts, and email lessons.

Free Online JavaScript Classes
Anyone can improve their programming skills with these free online JavaScript classes. Whether you're getting started or just need a quick refresher, you'll find a free online JavaScript class that fits your needs.

Free Online HTML Classes
Whether you want to practice your programming skills or create a simple website, these free online HTML classes can help. Learn this widely-used language by following tutorials, subscribing to an email series, or completing interactive lessons. There's a free online HTML class for every learning style.

John Hopkins University OpenCourseWare
John Hopkins University offers dozens of free health-related courses as a part of its OpenCourseWare collection. Students can use OpenCourseWare material such as syllabi, lecture notes, and reading schedules to study topics such as nutrition and mental health.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative offers 11 free online classes in subject such as economics, physics, and French. Anyone can learn from their syllabi, written lectures, and videos.

Utah State University OpenCourseWare
Utah State University offers a handful of free OpenCourseWare classes available to the public. Using the same material as traditional students, independent learners can study anything from Shakespeare to Economics.

Tufts University OpenCourseWare
Tufts University offers free OpenCourseWare classes to the public, focusing on life science and international issues. Each class includes all of the components students need to study independently: a syllabus, lecture transcripts, exams, and slideshows.

UC Berkeley OpenCourseWare
Every semester, University of California Berkeley records several courses and offers them free to the public. Anyone can watch these OpenCourseWare recordings and learn from home. New lectures are posted to the web each week during the run of the course

MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare is a collection of over 1,800 college-level class materials available at no-cost to the public. The content offered on the MIT OpenCourseWare website is taken from actual classes offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Free Online Hebrew Classes
Taking free online Hebrew classes can help you study ancient writings, prepare for a trip to Israel, or participate in a religious celebration.

Free Online German Classes
Free online German classes can help you learn the basics of the language in preparation for an exam, a trip overseas, or conversation with a German speaking friend.

Free Online Italian Classes
Take a few of these free online Italian classes and you'll be prepared to watch foreign films or enjoy a trip abroad.

Directory of Free Online Classes
Free online classes are an easy way to learn a new subject or give distance learning a try, without the risk of a poor grade. Interested? Check out these links to the best free online classes.

Opencourseware is class material such as syllabi, reading lists, lecture notes, and other documents that were once used in an actual classroom and are now available to the public for free.

Free Online Finance Classes
Want to learn the basics of stock trading, savings accounts, or personal financial planning? Check out these free online finance classes.

Free Online Photography Classes
Anyone can learn how to take great pictures with these free online photography classes.

Free Online French Classes
Free online French classes can help anyone learn the basics of the language. Whether you're planning an overseas trip or want to brush up on your language skills from college, this list of free online French classes can get you started speaking like a pro.

Free Online Spanish Classes
Free online Spanish classes can help you improve your resume, communicate with Spanish speakers in your area, or prepare for a trip abroad. Take a look at the following free online Spanish classes to find text-based, audio, and video language lessons at your level.

Free Online Japanese Classes
Take a look at these free online Japanese classes to study the basics of Japanese vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.

Free Online Classes
If youre new to learning through the internet, want to test out a class, need to brush up on some skills for your credit classes, or just want to learn a few new facts or skills, youll want to check out one of the many free courses available online.

Free Online Cooking Classes
Online cooking classes can help turn you into an experienced home chef. Whether you want to learn the basics of boiling water or desire to whip up a gourmet souffl, these free cooking courses will guide you step-by-step.

Free Online Writing and Journalism Classes
If you're interested in writing a famous screen play or just want to write a work place report, check out these free online writing and journalism classes.

Free Online Computer Classes
Links to sites that provide free online computer classes, open to everyone.

Free Online Business Courses
Let your inner entrepreneur shine with these free online business courses.

Free Online Language Courses
Want to learn a new language? The internet has a number of high-quality distance learning langauge courses. Best of all, many non-credit courses can be taken for free.

Free Online Religion Courses
Do you want to explore your spiritual side? Do you desire to learn about the faiths of others? From Bible Study to Paganism, these free online religion courses can help you discover more about the mysteries of the universe.

Use Peace Corps Training Material to Learn Languages for Free
Learn a new language for free with access to language training material created for Peace Corps volunteers.

Learn to Code in 3 Months: Harvard’s Free Online Computer Science Course
If you have just three months, this Harvard professor will teach you how to code.

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