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Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative


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Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Basics:

Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative offers 11 free online classes in subject such as economics, physics, and French. Anyone can learn from their syllabi, written lectures, and videos. Unlike some OpenCourseWare programs, Open Learning Initiative courses are designed with the distance learner in mind and include all of the materials necessary.

Independent learners cannot earn credit from Carnegie Mellon. However, some schools do offer their own credit for students who complete instructor-led Open Learning Initiative courses.

Where to Find Carnegie Mellon OpenCourseWare:

All Carnegie Mellon courses are available on the Open Learning Initiative website. You can access the class content immediately by clicking on the “Look Inside” button under any subject.

How to Use Carnegie OpenCourseWare:

Carnegie Mellon’s OpenCourseWare classes are self-contained. By following the course syllabus you’ll be able to master the basics of any subject.

Anyone can study course material anonymously. However, by creating an account, you can keep track of the units you’ve completed. The site will record your progress and remind you where you left off each time you log in.

Because these courses contain multimedia components such as videos, you may need to download players or plugins before you can complete some units. The “Test and Configure” button at the top of each course syllabus will help you determine what is needed.

Top Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Classes:

There are almost a dozen subjects available through the Open Learning Initiative. Popular classes include: Statistics, Economics, Physics, and French. Check out the Open Learning Initiative website for a complete list.
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