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Utah State University OpenCourseWare


Utah State University OpenCourseWare Basics:

Utah State Universit offers a handful of free OpenCourseWare classes available to the public. Using the same material as traditional students, independent learners can study anything from Shakespeare to Economics. Free courses include syllabi, lecture notes, and assignments.

OpenCourseWare classes from Utah State University are designed for self study – learners cannot interact with teachers or earn credit.

Where to Find Utah State University OpenCourseWare:

All free Utah State University classes are available on the college’s OpenCourseWare website.

How to Use Utah State University OpenCourseWare:

When studying from Utah State University courses, consider reading the suggested textbooks. Class texts are listed in each syllabus and assigned readings precede lecture notes.

The main content in Utah State University courses can be a bit difficult to locate. For lecture transcripts and assignments, look under the “Schedule” section of each course.

If you’d like to study offline, you can download any course to your computer. Simply click the download button on the left sidebar. You’ll need an unzipping program to decompress the course files.

Top Free Online Classes from Utah State University:

Popular OpencourseWare classes from the Utah State University website include: Introduction to Economics, Family Finance, Blogs, Wikis, and New Media Learning, and Information Theory. Take a look at their OpenCourseWare website for a complete list of available classes.
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