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Free Online Finance Classes


Want to learn the basics of stock trading, savings accounts, or personal financial planning? Check out these free online finance classes. Free online classes won't give you college credit. But, they can be a risk-free way to explore your interests and give online learning a try.

Investopedia University

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This easy-to-navigate site offers dozens of online finance classes from Forbes. Use their detailed lessons to learn the basics of investing, trading, and retirement planning.

Money 101

CNN's Money 101 course helps students understand finance basics such as budgeting, investing, buying insurance, and paying taxes.

Investing Lessons

An About.com course teaches students the basics of the stock market. Learn how to analyze a balance sheet and an income statement with these five lessons.

Investing for Your Future

This 11-unit course from Rutgers Cooperative Extension walks students step-by-step through the investing process.

Economics USA

Students can view 14 hours of video instruction on this Learners.org course. Study inflation, the U.S. banking system, the Federal Reserve, and economic theory.

Accounting Coach

A simple site offering dozens of detailed accounting lessons for the novice student.

Micro Economics

An opencourseware class on economics from Carnegie Mellon. Includes lessons on topics such as supply and demand, taxes, and monopolies.

How to Deal with Debt

This free course helps students understand the different types of debt, learn how to manage debt, and identify financial resources.
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