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Free Online Dance Classes


Whether you want to learn ballroom, salsa, swing, or hip hop, these free online dance classes can help. Learn to dance by watching online video lessons and practicing the steps at home.

About.com Dance Steps

Tango dancers
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Want to learn the basic steps in ballet, jazz, or ballroom? Review these free online dance lessons from About.com. Photo galleries demonstrate the steps in each lesson. If you want to try something a bit more exciting, take a look at the step-by-step instructions for party dances such as the bunny hop and the cha-cha slide.

Dance TV Ballroom

Check out these free online dance classes for the basics in ballroom. Review the written instructions and follow the illustrated steps to begin dancing the Waltz, the Foxtrot, and the East Coast Swing.

Learn to Dance

Take a look at these text-based lessons and video clips to study the essential steps of popular dances including country, latin, hip hop, and break dancing.

Dance Online: Salsa and Merengue

Review these downloadable video clips and you'll master the basics of both salsa and merengue. Lessons include brief written instructions that coincide with the video demonstrations.

The Dance Store Learning Center

Free online dance videos from The Dance Store provide beginning-level instruction for dozens of styles such as the swing, hustle, and cha-cha.

Bust a Move

Take these free online dance classes to view video instruction on salsa, swing, party, and wedding dances. You'll get a brief demonstration for each step.

Expert Villagae: Dance Videos

This site offers hundreds of free online dance classes. Streaming videos walk viewers step-by-step through a wide variety of formal and clubbing dance styles.

Ballroom Dancers

Watch these video series to learn ballroom basics in both American and Latin styles. Each lesson includes and overview, a break down of the male / female steps, and a video clip.
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