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Free Online Guitar Classes


Anyone can learn to play the guitar with these top-rated free online guitar classes. Get started immediately with step-by-step lessons, video examples, and tabs.

About.com Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Take this free online guitar class from About.com and learn the basics with 11 lessons. Lessons include example songs and a practice schedule.

Guitar Videos

Learn to play the guitar visually with these free video classes. Ten lessons walk you through the anatomy of a guitar, finger numbering, tuning, chords, and more.

Music Theory

Explore these free online guitar classes for dozens of ways to learn. Basic lessons offer instruction on scales, chords, and reading music. The guitar trainer lets you practice by ear. You can even print off your own music paper.

Berklee Shares Guitar Lessons

Study blues, rock, rhythm, and jazz by watching these free online guitar lessons. Some of the more advanced lessons offer downloadable PDF instruction.

Guitar for Beginners and Beyond

This site offers several online guitar lessons, created by professional musicians. Detailed instructions and graphic examples are common.

Dolphinstreet Guitar Video Lessons

Intermediate musicians can improve their guitar skills by watching these free video lessons. Lesson series include: blues, country, acoustic, funk, jazz, and popular songs.

Guitar Lesson World

This free online guitar class includes 47 beginning-level lessons. Instruction includes graphics, sample music files, and simple tabs.

Free Guitar Videos

Watch dozens of free guitar lessons in video form. You'll find an eclectic mix of lessons on genres such as acoustic playing, heavy metal, classical, blues, jazz, and rock.

Jam Play

Take a look at this site to watch over a dozen sample video lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar players. There's even a lesson designed for kids.

Guitar Noise

This site offers practical lessons for guitar and bass players. Learn to play the guitar by reading step-by-step instructions on playing a variety of popular songs.
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