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Free Online Hebrew Classes


Taking free online Hebrew classes can help you study ancient writings, prepare for a trip to Israel, or participate in a religious celebration. The free online Hebrew classes in this list appeal to a variety of students with different learning styles and beliefs.

Hebrew Class

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This visual class allows students to learn basic Hebrew vocabulary by matching pictures to Hebrew characters. It's suited for students with a desire to study the written language and some experience with Hebrew basics.

The Online Hebrew Tutorial

This free online course offers a complete beginning overview of both modern and Biblical Hebrew. Check out the 17 lessons to study the Hebrew alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, and more.

Biblical Hebrew Level I

On this site you'll find extensive notes, quizzes, and exercises from an actual Hebrew course. Try their 31 lessons to learn the same material as university-level students.

Alpha-Bet on the Net

If you like interactive learning, give these online tutorials a try. In all, there are 10 vocabulary lessons with student activities.

Hebrew is Easy

This free online Hebrew class offers a quick 4-lesson overview of basic pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation.

Cartoon Hebrew

Check out this nifty little site for an easy way to master the Hebrew alphabet. Each short lesson includes a cartoon drawing meant to spark the student's interest and stay in his mind.

Hebrew for Christians

Check out this site for in-depth Biblical Hebrew lessons focused on grammar, vocabulary, and religious tradition.
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