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Free Online JavaScript Classes


Anyone can improve their programming skills with these free online JavaScript classes. Whether you're getting started or just need a quick refresher, you'll find a free online JavaScript class that fits your needs.

About.com Learn to Program with JavaScript

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This About.com site offers a free online JavaScript course with 25 text-based lessons and a final quiz. Learn about variables, operators, functions, and dozens of other popular JavaScript topics.

W3 Schools JavaScript Tutorial

This comprehensive tutorial can help anyone learn JavaScript essentials. Study the examples in their dozens of lessons and test your knowledge with their virtual exams.

Free Skills JavaScript Tutorials

If you don't mind wading thorough some ads, the JavaScript tutorials from FreeSkills.com can help you improve your programming. Those in the computer field may want to give their free professional series a try.

Rose India JavaScript

Try this free online JavaScript class to learn how to create a simple program. They'll walk you step-by-step through the process with example code and testing applications.

JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers

Learn JavaScript methodology with this free online class designed for users with programming experience. The lessons focus on the structure of the language rather than its practical application.

JavaScript for the Web

Browse this material from a University of Washington course to learn JavaScript essentials. Includes links to additional tutorials and optional JavaScript homework assignments.

JavaScript Kit

These free online tutorials can help JavaScript learners at any stage. Scroll to the bottom of the first page for a list of available lessons and give the "primer" a try if you're just starting out.
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