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Free Online Ruby Programming Classes


Anyone can improve their skills by taking a free online Ruby programming class. Learn Ruby on Rails by checking out these top-rated tutorials, screencasts, and email lessons.

A Beginner's Guide to Ruby

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Try this About.com beginner's guide for a quick overview of Ruby programming essentials. Then, check out the dozens of other Ruby tutorials available on the same site.

Ruby on Rails Guides

This site offers dozens of free online Ruby programming classes for beginning to advanced programmers. Try "Getting Started with Rails" to survey a Ruby application and prepare to program on your own. More advanced tutorials include: "Debugging Rails Applications," "Securing Rails Applications," and "The Basics of Creating Rails Plugins."

Free Online Core Ruby Programming Class

If you prefer to interact with others as you learn, give this free online Ruby class a try. Students keep up with their class by completing lessons, exercises, and quizzes. Ask your instructors questions or discuss programming challenges with peers on the class forum. At the end of the 8-week course, participating students are awarded a printable certificate. New sessions begin regularly - you must sign up in advance to save your seat. This free class is based on an $9.95 ebook, but you do not have to purchase the book to enroll.

Ruby in 20 Minutes

This free online Ruby programming class gets students involved from the beginning. In just 20 minutes, you'll be able to write very basic code.


If you're a visual learner, consider watching these Ruby on Rails screencasts. You can choose from over a hundred programming topics and download lessons to your computer or iPod.
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