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Free Online Spanish Classes


Free online Spanish classes can help you improve your resume, communicate with Spanish speakers in your area, or prepare for a trip abroad. Take a look at the following free online Spanish classes to find text-based, audio, and video language lessons at your level.

About.com Spanish

The About.com guide to Spanish offers a five-unit introductory course as well as learning material for more advanced learners. Check out the culture section to prepare for travel to a Spanish-speaking country.

Study Spanish

This site offers hundreds of free online Spanish classes with read-and-repeat audio tutorials. Use it to study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common idioms.

Ukindia Spanish

Study simple words and phrases in this introductory free online Spanish class. It comes with 5 basic lessons, each including a list of Spanish phrases and their English translations.

Business Spanish

The free online Spanish classes on this website are ideal for business people looking to speak Spanish as a part of their occupation. Their lessons include audio readings and cover business-related themes such as introductions, hiring, compensation, marketing, sales, taxes, and travel.

Learn Spanish Online

This free online Spanish class offers dozens of multimedia components including a written manual, four Spanish language videos, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and video / voice chat. If you learn by doing rather than reading, you'll definitely want to start here.


Check out this site for dozens of short audio lessons on Spanish basics. Take grammar courses in beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. Or, use their dictionaries and quizzes in Microsoft Excel.

Babel Nation

This site offers four beginning Spanish lessons with audio files, example conversations, practice exercises, quizzes, and a forum.

BBC Spanish

BBC offers several extensive free online Spanish classes for both beginning and intermediate students. Check out their 10-part video Spanish introduction, earn a certificate by enrolling in their 12-week beginner's Spanish Steps course, or watch video clips from their intermediate series.

OpenLearn Spanish

The free online Spanish class from OpenLearn offers 10 lessons with visuals, vocabulary, and real-life exercises.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish

Learn Spanish naturally with this soap opera style course. Each half-hour video lesson builds on the knowledge gained from past episodes.
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