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The Best OpenCourseWare Collections


Are you interested in taking an online class for free? Viewing videos, podcasts, or tutorials from top universities? Or, just browsing through no-cost learning material to see what catches your interest?

Take a look at these top-notch collections of opencourseware, including everything from subject-matter syllabi to complete classes. Then, use your new knowledge to improve your life, become more competitive in the workplace, or even earn college credit.

1. OpenCourseWare Consortium

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The consortium is a gateway to hundreds of online courses from universities throughout the world. It doesn't host the courses on it's website, but it provides a powerful search engine for learners to find the courses they are looking interested in.

2. EdX

This collaborative effort between MIT and Harvard launched in Fall 2012. They offer full, interactive online classes to anyone. In addition to learning materials, you can discuss subjects with other students in the course boards, receive immediate feedback from quizzes, and participate in virtual laboratories. Additionally, you can earn EdX credentials by taking courses and proving your knowledge. See Also: How EdX Will Revolutionize Online Learning

3. Open Yale

This website offers quite a few top-notch introductory Yale courses. Courses include syllabi, video lectures, reading guides, and more. Look for courses on subjects like Philosophy and the Science of Human Behavior, Modern Poetry, and Financial Markets.

4. John Hopkins OpenCourseWare

Browse through the dozens of open courses offered by John Hopkins and you're sure to find something that sparks your interest (or at least makes you want to eat healthier foods). Many courses include video taped lectures or MP3 recordings of live courses. Courses deal with health-related topics including Refugee Healthcare, Child Health and Development, Critical Analysis of Popular Diets and Dietary Supplements, and more.

5. UMass Boston OpenCourseWare

The University of Massachusetts Boston offers content from quite a few of their courses. Most courses offer a syllabus, a schedule, and some form of reading notes. Keep in mind that UMass Boston courses usually don't offer videotaped lectures or most of the content delivered in their face-to-face courses.

6. University of Notre Dame OpenCourseWare

This university offers many courses in a broad spectrum of disciplines. The content of the courses varies; some include little more than a syllabus and a schedule while others include reading notes and video lectures. Check out courses like Morality and Modernity, Environmental Philosophy, The Rise and Fall of Communism, and Computational Methods.

7. Utah State University OpenCourseWare

Through this public university's website, learners can have access to online courses in dozens of disciplines. Some courses include more content than others, and are even organized according to week. Take a look at courses like Research for the Classroom Teacher, Introduction to Open Education, Connecting People with Online Resources, and more.

8. Tufts University OpenCourseWare

Through Tuft's courses, you can explore a variety of science and technology oriented materials. Many courses have lecture recording, slides, or notes. One of the most helpful features is the "Popular Content" lists included in each lesson, which direct students to the best lectures, notes, etc. Learn from courses like Producing Films for Social Change, Microbiology, Physics for Humanists, Law and Veterinary Medicine, and more.

9. Stanford on iTunes

If you're a visual or audio-oriented learner, you'll love Stanford on iTunes. Download full courses with the click of a button and save them to your computer to view whenever you please.

10. Harvard at Home

Harvard's "at Home" website is a bit different from traditional OpenCourseWare. Instead of full courses, it focuses on providing high-interest seminars, pubic addresses, and similar content. Some of the best resources include: Understanding the Crisis in the Markets - a Panel of Harvard Experts; Men, Women, and Food: Putting Gender on the Table; Reason for Hope in a Complex World, and Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning.

11. Learning Space from Open University

Learning Space, an opencourseware collection from Open University in the UK, offers more than 600 free online courses. Learn with the same material Open University students use, including text explanations and activities. You can track your progress, join a learning group, or even contribute in a learning lab. Choose from courses like Introducing the Philosophy of Religion, Living Without Oil, Psychology in the 21st Century, and more.
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