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Taking a free online class is a smart way to learn a new skill, increase your knowledge, or give virtual learning a risk-free try. The no-cost courses in this directory offer top-notch study materials such as lecture transcripts, streaming videos, mp3 lessons, and interactive exercises.
  1. The Basics of No-Cost Courses
  2. University OpenCourseWare
  3. Free Online Language Classes
  1. Free Online Computer Classes
  2. Free Online Arts Classes
  3. More No-Cost Courses

The Basics of No-Cost Courses

There is a free online class for every learning style and skill level. These articles will show you where to find them and how to make the most of virtual learning.

University OpenCourseWare

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Many universities make learning material available to the public in the form of OpenCourseWare. Anyone can view their lectures, reading notes, and schedules to learn independently.

Free Online Language Classes

Learning a language online is a smart way to prepare for a trip abroad or study for an upcoming exam. These articles list the best online language classes available, many with audio pronunciations and video lessons.

Free Online Computer Classes

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The best way to learn computer skills is by using a computer. These no-cost classes can help, whether you want to learn the basics of computing or master an advanced programming language.

Free Online Arts Classes

Not all online classes are academic - free classes in the arts offer students the chance to explore new hobbies. Consider learning French-inspired dishes or mastering the steps of the East Coast Swing.

More No-Cost Courses

There are dozens more free online classes to explore. Here are a few of the most notable.

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