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Email-able Gifts

5 Instant Presents to Send Online


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Many distance learners want to send a bit of recognition to their online instructors and peers. A gift can be a great way to say “thanks for being such a great teacher” or “I enjoyed working with you during the course.”

However, with online security issues mounting, giving a present to online associates can be a challenge. Many online instructors work from their homes and are rightfully leery about providing their personal address to students. Fellow students share this dilemma and requesting personal information from online peers is often seen as taboo.

Instead of worrying about the etiquette of asking for personal information, consider sending an email-able gift. You don’t need the address or phone number of your recipient to send these unique presents. All you need is a name and email address.

1. E-card

An e-card is a fast and easy way to send best wishes. Many sites offer free personalizable e-cards or upgraded e-cards for a couple dollars. Check out e-cards.com or BlueMountain.com to get some ideas. You may also use your email program to create a simple greeting, or make a downloadable card with Microsoft Word and send it as an attachment.

2. Super Gift Certificate

Check out GiftCertificates.com for the ultimate in email-able gifts. All you need is the recipient’s name and email address to send virtual gift certificate that can be redeemed for goods and services at tons of popular stores. Barnes and Noble, Gap, AMC Theaters, Black Angus, and Bed Bath and Beyond are just a few of the places your recipient can select. The recipient can then choose to be sent gift certificate codes for the online stores of his choice or receive physical certificates in the mail.

3. Online Publication

If your recipient likes to read, consider giving access to a quality online publication. The New York Times’ Select service offers online access to daily op-ed columns, features, analysis, and other notable information. It also allows recipients to explore the articles in an archive that dates back to 1981. Another online publication, Salon.com, allows members to access witty features, blogs, columns, and forums.

4. Music

iTunes.com is the perfect choice for audiophiles and music lovers of all sorts. Use the recipient’s email address to send a virtual music certificate, redeemable for 99 cent song downloads. iTunes’ free software allows users to organize their music and burn compilation cds of the songs they buy.

5. Charitable Donation

Making a charitable donation in your recipient’s name can be a great way to show appreciation. Many charities allow you to contribute through the web and several allow you to make the donation in someone else’s honor. Charities such as OxFam allow donators to send an e-card to their recipients, letting them know that a donation has been made on their behalf. Even if a charity does not provide e-cards, you can always let your recipient know about the gift in a personal email.
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