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10 New Years Resolutions for Online Students


Start the New Year off right by resolving to succeed in your studies. These 10 goals can help.

1. Get organized. When you know where everything is, it’s easier to complete assignments. Start the new year by organizing your home office and finding a place for all your school materials. Having your textbooks and reference materials nearby can help, as can bookmarking essential online reference sites.

2. Stop procrastinating. Procrastination is the #1 enemy of online students. This year, post a list of the benefits of earning an online degree to remind yourself to stick with it. Then, think of some strategies to keep yourself motivated during the year.

3. Make a home office. Having a place to yourself can be a great way to help you focus on your studies. Start the year off right by designing the perfect home office in a spare bedroom or secluded space.

4. Build contacts. Building an online social life with your peers and professors can help you stay connected to your studies. The people you meet through your course may end up being great business contacts and professional references in the future.

5. Update your resume. Show off what you’ve learned from your online classes with a resume that sparkles. Use the proper resume format and be sure to use active adjectives and powerful verbs that cast your studies in the best light.

6. Save money. Everyone likes to save a few extra bucks. Find out how much distance learning costs and look for ways to cut costs. Try applying for scholarships and other types of financial aid. Before the semester begins, save on textbooks buy purchasing through online retailers and be sure to take advantage of any tax breaks that are available to students.

7. Make time for family and friends. Don’t let your distance learning become a barrier to spending quality time with those you love. Schedule quality time in advance and come up with ways to balance family and school.

8. Speed up your studies. This year, try to think of ways to get your degree faster. You may want to consider using a credit bank or applying for life experience credit.

9. Make use of technology. An up-to-date, working computer can help you make the most of your studies. This year, consider updating your computer hardware, such as your hard drive, processor, or memory. You may also want to look into purchasing basic software programs if you don’t already have them. Finally, be sure to keep your machine virus free by downloading anti-virus programs and checking your computer regularly.

10. Celebrate your successes. Find ways to reward yourself for a job well done. If you’re graduating this year, a unique graduation celebration may be the perfect conclusion to your distance studies.
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