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If you are interested in getting a degree online, learn the basics of finding, starting, and succeeding at a virtual school.
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What Do You Love About Being an Online Teacher - Favorite Parts of Be…
Online teachers may miss the face-to-face discussions of traditional classrooms. But, there are definitely some perks to teaching online.

Readers Respond: What's the Worst Online Class You’ve Ever Taken?
Faulty technology or an unprepared professor can make an online class a miserable experience. Almost every online student has had to deal with at least one "bad apple" class. Tell us about yours.

Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree
It’s possible to make over $100,000 a year with an online degree. Take a look at these high paying jobs as noted in a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Are For-Profit Online Colleges a Rip-Off?
For-profit colleges like Devry, Kaplan, and the University of Phoenix claim to offer a student-centered approach? But, are such programs really the best choice?

The Minerva Project: The World’s First Online Ivy-League University
Want an affordable, ivy-league education from home? The Minerva Project plans to offer a revolutionary, top-notch education through the internet to highly-qualified students.

Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco Networking Academy offers technology education to students around the world. Take a look at this article to learn more about their dynamic certificate programs.

How to Take Online College Courses
Online college courses can help you earn a degree, improve your resume, or develop a new skill just for fun. If youre interested in starting online college courses, this article will help you get started.

10 Facts About Online Degrees
If you’re thinking about enrolling in a virtual program, consider these ten facts about online degrees.

Online College Profiles
These online college profiles can help you understand your options and choose a virtual program. All online colleges in this directory are regionally accredited (the most widely accepted form of accreditation in the United States). Note: this site does not do paid college profiles; the online colleges in this section have been chosen by the site editor and reviewed impartially.

What to Do if Your Online Professor Isn’t a Good Teacher
Is your online professor a bad apple? Take a look at these ways that you can take action and get out of a bad online course.

Online College Professors Share Their Pet Peeves
Make sure you're not annoying your online college professors by avoiding these common professor pet peeves.

How to Finish Your College Degree by Enrolling in an Online School
If you're an adult learner with past college experience but no degree, you may be able to complete your studies by enrolling in an online school. Many online colleges cater to professional adult students wanting to transfer previous credits and earn a degree in less time than the traditional 4-year program.

Online Degree Programs Offering Open Enrollment
Want to skip the application essays, recommendation letters, and grade evaluations required by most online degree programs? Choose a school with an open admissions policy.

Earn an Online Associates Degree
Distance learning colleges across the nation offer online associates degree programs to students that want to continue their education from the comfort of their homes. What are the advantages to earning an associates degree online? And how can you find the right program? Read on.

6 Ways Online Learning Changed in 2008
This has been a big year for online learning policy and practice. Here are six big ways online learning has changed during 2008.

5 Online College Recruiter Tricks
Quality online colleges don’t have to rely on gimmicks to get new enrollees. However, subpar online colleges often use recruitment tricks such as big promises or incentives to convince potential students to enroll. When you’re researching online colleges, be on the lookout for these 5 shady recruitment strategies.

What Makes an Online Teacher Effective?
Some online teachers stand out from the crowd. What makes an online teacher effective?

Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree
Earning an online bachelor’s degree can help you do better at your job and become eligible for promotions. Many upper-level positions are only offered to applicants that have completed bachelor degrees. Additionally, studies have shown that the average college graduate makes approximately one million dollars more during his or her lifetime than the average high school graduate.

Earn an Online Master's Degree
An online master’s degree program can give you the flexibility to continue your education during your own time and at your pace. But, how do you know if online learning is the right choice? How do you choose a school that will get respect in the workplace? And, is it possible to convince your employer to fund your education? Read on.

Earn a Doctorate Degree Online
Earning a doctorate degree online can improve your earning potential and qualify you for a variety of prestigious career options, all while learning from the comfort of your own home. As the highest degree attainable in the United States, a doctorate degree can prepare you to work in leadership positions, university-level professorships, or other highly skilled professions.

Earning an Online Education Degree
An online education degree can help you become a teacher, principal, education advocate, or professor. In general, online education degree programs are designed for people who already have busy professional and personal lives.

Take Summer Term Classes Online
Taking online classes during the summer can help you fit school into your vacation schedule. As a traditional student, your school probably has a strict policy regarding transfer credits. Here’s how to make online classes work.

Can I Earn a Teaching Credential Online?
If you want to teach in a public or private school, an online teaching credential might be the perfect fit for your situation.

How to Get a Job Teaching Online
Teaching online certainly isnt for everyone. However, many instructors enjoy the freedom of virtual instruction and the opportunity to interact with students from around the nation.

Canvas Instructure Review
Canvas Instructure is a relatively new online learning management system that allows students to integrate their accounts with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

You Can Earn an Online Certificate from Harvard, Stanford, or Cornell
Did you know that you could earn a certificate from Harvard, Stanford, or Cornell without leaving your house and without having to meet rigorous enrollment requirements? Several prestigious schools offer open-enrollment distance learning certificate programs targeted to working professionals that don't have time for lengthy residencies.

How to Choose an Online Law School and Become a Practicing Lawyer
Would you like to earn an online law degree from the comfort of your own home? Its not easy, but it is possible. Check out our list of online law schools. Then, read out step-by-step directions for earning an online law degree from a registered school and qualifying to practice law.

How to Choose an Employment-Friendly Online College
Learn how to find an online college that works with your life and your career.

Online MBA Degrees: Everything You Need to Know
Everything you need to know about earning an MBA degree online. How to choose an online MBA degree program, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to succeed.

Online MBA Degree Basics
If you’re considering earning an online MBA, make sure you do your homework. Knowing the basics will help you make an informed decision about whether or not these programs are right for you.

Online MBA Accreditation
School accreditation is the most important factor to consider when deciding on an online MBA program. Proper accreditation could mean the difference between an online MBA degree that gets you a promotion and a degree that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Online MBA Students Make
An online MBA degree can help you get a better job, a higher position, and a pay raise. However, a simple mistake such as choosing the wrong school or failing to network with your peers could harm your chances of finding success.

Go to College Without a High School Diploma
Dont give up your dream of enrolling in an online university just because you didnt get your high school diploma. Although most colleges (online and otherwise) require a high school diploma to enroll in any program that grants bachelor degrees, there are still several options available to students who lack the paper to prove that they graduated high school.

Distance Learning for Katrina Victims
Thousands of hurricane victims unable to return to local colleges and universities may have another option – online courses. Distance learning institutions around the country are opening special enrollment and providing discounts and other assistance for displaced students.

Online Program Directory
Looking for an online school? Check out these stand-up colleges.

4 Hot Online Master’s Degrees
A graduate degree can open up the door to career opportunities and pay raises. But, choosing a degree program is a challenge to many students. So, before you choose a program, check out these four hot online majors that lead to master’s degrees.

Distance School Profile - Brigham Young University
Our school profiles give you answers to the questions you want to know about distance learning institutions.

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online MA in Education
Education is one of the most popular majors on the web. But, while there are many benefits of earning a Master's in education, there are also a few drawbacks to consider. So, if you’re considering enrolling in an online program to earn your MA in education, check out these pros and cons.

How Did You Get Your Online Teaching Job
How did you become an online teacher? Share your experience and see what other online instructors have to say.

Readers Respond: Online College Tips for Busy Moms
Online college is a big undertaking for busy moms. But, a growing number of moms have found ways to balance their online college classes with work and family responsibilities.

College Overviews: Online Colleges Share Their Secrets
Read in-depth overviews of the most popular online colleges. Learn about online college programs, accreditation, and more. See submissions

Champlain College Online
What do online students think of Champlain College Online? Read Champlain College Online reviews from previous and current students, then share your own experiences.

Are Coursera’s New Online Specialization Certificates Worth the Cost?
Find out how Coursera's new online certificate programs work and whether or not they are worth the investment.

Smart Options for Finishing Your College Degree Online After a Long Absence
If you're a returning adult student, choosing your online program carefully can help you avoid a lot of the hassle that accompanies going back to school.

6 Unusual Online Certificates for Hipsters, Thinkers, and Do-ers
If you're a non-traditional thinker, take a look at these 6 unique certificate opportunities.

How Starbucks is Offering Free Online College to Baristas
Is Starbuck's free online college program worth it?

Digital Nomad Students: Earn an Online College Degree While Traveling Abroad
Find out how digital nomads are seeing the world while still earning their college degrees. This adventurous lifestyle isn't for everyone.

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