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Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree

Online Degrees Worth $100,000 or More


It’s possible to make over $100,000 a year with an online degree. Some of the highest paying occupations (like medicine and law) require in-person training. However, quite a few of the highest paying jobs can start with an online degree. Take a look at these high paying jobs as noted in a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

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These technology specialists oversee companies’ complex computer systems. Look for advanced online degrees in: Information Systems, Computer Science, or Management Information Systems.  

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager may handle the marketing strategy for an entire company or may take charge of individual projects for a large marketing firm. Look for online degrees in: Business, Communications, or Marketing.

Political Scientist

Political Scientists conduct research to collect data on public opinion, elections, and related events. They may work for a variety of organizations including political parties, the government, or non-profit groups. Look for advanced online degrees in: Political Science.

Air Traffic Controller

Entry-level air traffic controller jobs are available to college graduates with a bachelor degree. On-the-job training is provided by the hiring institution. Look for online degrees in: any subject leading to a terminal 4-year B.A. or B.S.

Financial Manager

These math whizzes oversee the financial accounts of corporations and individuals. They may provide advice on investment strategies and money management. Look for online degrees in: Finance, Mathematics, or Economics.

Computer and Information Scientist (Emphasis on Research)

Computer Scientists spend their days studying the theory of computing and researching ways for computers to solve problems. Look for online degrees in: Computer Science.

Sales Manager

These quick-thinkers find ways to improve their employer’s income while managing a team of salesmen. Look for online degrees in: Marketing, Communications, or Business.

Chief Executive

No one becomes a chief executive overnight. But, many of these corporate leaders work their way to the top by creating a track record of smart decisions and problem-solving. Look for online degrees in: Business or Economics.
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