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How to Choose an Online College and Succeed in Your Virtual Studies


Online colleges offer students the chance to earn a diploma, without the commute and the hassle. Many distance learning programs allow students to work at their own pace and during their own hours - a promising choice for busy professionals. The following resources can help you decide whether or not online learning is a good fit for your lifestyle, find a reputable online college, and succeed in your studies.
  1. Choosing an Online College
  2. Online College Accreditation
  3. Types of Online Degrees
  4. Online College Profiles
  1. Online College Admissions
  2. Funding Your Education
  3. Online College Success Tips

Choosing an Online College

Choosing a virtual college can be tough. When researching schools, use these articles to help you ask the right questions.

Online College Accreditation

Proper accreditation can mean the difference between a well-regarded degree and a "diploma mill degree" that's not worth the paper it's printed on. These links will help you identify the difference between a reputable school and a fraud.

Types of Online Degrees

Different degrees require different levels of dedication. Check out these articles to learn the basics of starting an online associates, bachelors, masters, doctoral, or certificate program.

Online College Profiles

Some online colleges stick to strict deadlines; others let students work at their own pace. Some virtual schools have open-door admissions policies; others require prospective students to meet difficult requirements. Check out this growing list of online college profiles to find essential school information such as degree programs, admission requirements, and tuition charges.

Online College Admissions

Once you've chosen a school, it's time to apply. Use these resources to master your application essays, exams, reference letters, and resumes.

Funding Your Education

Online students have more financial options than ever. Check out these articles to learn more about student loans, grants, scholarships, and tuition assistance programs.

Online College Success Tips

It can be difficult balancing online classes with employment and family life. Use these resources to study smart and find school / life balance.

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