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There are libraries of information avaliable online that can be used help with your distance education classes. So, before you spend hundreds of dollars on dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, and booknotes, check out these amazing, and free, resources.

Top Online Colleges on Twitter
A growing number of online colleges are now participating in Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. By “following” these schools on Twitter, you can receive the latest updates about their programs and accomplishments.

Where to Find Free Open Source Textbooks
Hate paying thousands for your required readings? Give free open source textbooks a try. A growing number of authors are publishing their writings online and allowing students to download them without paying a dime. Many online instructors are beginning to select open source textbooks rather than forcing their students to pay for costly traditional materials.

If your professor chooses an…

Tips for Online College Students
Online college students have a lot to worry about: managing their time, staying self-motivated, learning in a virtual environment, and completing their assignments by the due date. What can online college students do to be more successful? Share your ideas and see what other students have to say.

K. C. Campbell
K. C. Campbell - Bio of K. C. Campbell

Tammy J. Oseid
Tammy J. Oseid - Bio of Tammy J. Oseid

10 Indispensable (and Free) Web Resources for Students
These free web resources can help you make save time, save money, and succeed in your distance learning courses.

Homework Help: Ask Questions and Get Answers Online
Online classes are convenient, but they don’t always offer the support of a regular university. When you find yourself wishing you had a tutor to guide you through a difficult math problem or help you with an essay question, don’t distress. A number of Q&A websites offer you the ability to ask questions and get answers online.

Online Tutoring
Online tutoring is a convenient way for online students to get the extra help they need. With just a click of the mouse (and a few bucks, of course) you can get feedback from professors and professionals around the world.

Use Google to Find Online Quotes and Material for Your Research Paper
All the resources you need for a top-notch distance learning research paper can be found online. These simple steps can help you find the material you need without leaving your home.

Free Literature Guides Online
Has Shakespeare got you in shambles? Is too much Twain hurting your brain? Time to check out these free literature note services online. Use them to help you while studying new distance learning material or reviewing for tests and assignments.

College Level Research at Home
If you're writing a college paper, you'll need to use primary sources as research material. These handy tips can help you locate the information you need without leaving your house.

Distance Learning General Resources
Whether you’re writing an English paper or are researching a history topic, having a few dependable resources can help you complete your work more efficiently. The following websites are some of the most helpful on the web. Whether you are looking for the definition to a word or are searching for an answer to a particular question, they put the information you need at the tips of your fingers.

Top Five English Resources
If you’re studying for a literature exam for your online class or are struggling to get your thoughts down on paper, these English and Language Arts links can make a difference on your grade. From book notes to entire texts online, each site offers something unique to help with your studies.

The 25 Absolute Best Web Resources for Writers
Before you start that essay assignment, check out these 25 indispensable sites. The internet can guide you to discover how to write, what to write, where to find information, and how to format your paper. Goodbye hours of frustrating rough drafts, hello A's.

Top 5 Science Websites
Whether youre writing a science report or are trying to understand a difficult scientific topic, these websites offer current information about the latest scientific discoveries, as well as explanations of basic scientific principles.

Top 5 Math Websites
Math can be hard to learn when youre on your own. Check out some of these excellent online tools to help you master the material. Online calculators, explanations, and study tips are just a few of the resources youll find.

Top 5 History and Government Websites
Whether you’re trying to discover the cause of a significant world event, understand the structure of the government, or research the life of an influential person, these history and government links can help.

This free dictionary provides about half a dozen definitions from different sources for every word you look up.

Look up any word and get synonyms and antonyms, instantly.

This is an online encyclopedia with a twist. It is written by web users, just like you. Browse through hundreds of pages of information and links. Then, add some of your own expert knowledge to the mix.

Library Gateway
This gateway site offers links to hundreds of library resources. Look for libraries in your area or use the links to locate the information you're looking for.

Book Notes
Read complete book notes as you study some of the most popular novels and writings. This site offers summaries, theme overviews, character lists, study questions, and more.

Calculators and conversion tools for everything from math and finance to time and geography.

Need to write a paper about Rosa Parks or interested in reading up on the greatest baseball stars of all time? Search through hundreds of biographies of the most influential people on Earth.

Government Information
Browse through reviews and hundreds of links to the best government related sites on the web. Contains leader email addresses, national archives, information on relevant issues, and more.

Top 10 TED Talks for Online College Students
These Top 10 TED Talks will inspire your studies.

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