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Top 5 History and Government Websites


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Whether you’re trying to discover the cause of a significant world event, understand the structure of the government, or research the life of an influential person, these history and government links can help you achieve success in your online studies. Check out the amazing charts, documents, and facts that are available to you.

www.govspot.com Browse through reviews and hundreds of links to the best government related sites on the web. Contains leader email addresses, national archives, information on relevant issues, and more.

www.hyperhistory.com Use this site to explore some of the essentials of history. Check out their amazing color-coded history charts that map significant events, cultures, people, places, and developments.

www.biography.com Need to write a paper about Rosa Parks or interested in reading up on the greatest baseball stars of all time? Search through hundreds of biographies of the most influential people on Earth.

www.archives.gov View historic documents, check out Congressional records, view online museums and more.

www.loc.gov The Library of Congress webpage offers information on United States history, world history, facts, and other essentials.

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