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Top Online Colleges on Twitter


A growing number of online colleges are now participating in Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. By “following” these schools on Twitter, you can receive the latest updates about their programs and accomplishments.

Below you’ll find links to some of the top online colleges on twitter. If you know of any other online schools that should be included in this list, email me at: distancelearn@aboutguide.com.

Argosy University

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With 19 campuses around the United States, Argosy is designed to help working adults earn degrees in the fields of business, education, and psychology. On Twitter: @ArgosyU

Bellevue University Online

At Bellevue University Online, students progress through their classes with a cohort of peers to earn an accelerated degree in just over a year. On Twitter: @BellevueU

Capella University Online

This popular, for-profit school offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees through the internet. On Twitter: @CapellaU

Charter Oak State College

Students enrolled in Charter Oak can earn degrees in a variety of ways such as: transferring credits from regionally accredited schools, taking exams, proving life experience, and taking online courses. On Twitter: @CharterOak

Drexel Online

Virtual classes from this reputable school are only 10-weeks long, allowing students to focus on fewer subjects at a time. On Twitter: @drexelonline

Everest University Online

At Everest University Online, courses focus on real-life skills students can bring to the professional world. On Twitter: @everest_college

Excelsior College

Excelsior is known for its generous credit policy: students may earn a degree based on course transfers, life experience portfolios, or online class completion. On Twitter: @ExcelsiorColl

Harvard Extension School

Students enrolled in Harvard Extension School can choose from over one hundred online courses taught by Harvard's distinguished faculty. On Twitter: @HarvardEXT
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