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Online Teaching

Online teaching can be a rewarding job for people that like to help others learn from the comfort of home. Check out these articles to learn more about how to find an online teaching job and get started teaching online.

How to Get a Job Teaching Online
Explore the pros and cons of e-instruction, the requirements necessary for teaching online, and the ways you can find an online teaching job.

How to Get a Job as an Online High School Teacher
Teaching online high school courses can be a full-time profession or a rewarding way to supplement your income. Here's how to find an online high school teaching job and stand out as an applicant.

How Not to Teach Online
Not everyone was meant to be an online teacher. If you're considering the profession, make sure to avoid these easy-to-make mistakes.

Top Distance Learning Conferences
This list of the best e-learning conferences in the nation can help you keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Readers Respond: You Know You Are an Online Teacher When...
Do you grade essays in your pajamas? Hold impromptu class discussions in the middle of the night? Let the world know what serious or silly traits online learners have in common. You know you're an online learner when...

Where to Sell Your Online Class
Even if you're not an academic, you can create an online class based on your passion and make money by selling it through one of these learning platforms.

How to Become an Instructional Designer
If you have a talent for making information accessible, instructional design might be the job for you. Here's how you can get a job designing online courses for colleges.

Make Money Teaching Online
If you have a passion for a subject and are tech savvy you can earn money by teaching online.

Readers Respond: How Did You Get an Online High School Teaching Job?
Landing an online high school teaching job can be challenge. Learn how other readers became online high school teachers and share your story.

What Does an Instructional Designer Do?
Instructional designers work with professors to create online courses that work for students. How do they make that happen?

Readers Respond: How Did You Get Your Online Teaching Job?
How did you become an online teacher? Share your experience and see what other online instructors have to say.

Readers Respond: What Do You Love About Being an Online Teacher?
Online teachers may miss the face-to-face discussions held in traditional classrooms. But, there are definitely some perks to teaching online. What is your favorite part of being an online teacher?

Can I Earn a Teaching Credential Online?
If you want to be an online teacher, you could earn your credential through a virtual education program.

Readers Respond: What Makes an Online Teacher Effective?
Not every teacher is fit for the world of online education. Issues such as poor communication and unclear expectations can easily ruin a virtual course. But, some online teachers stand out from the crowd. What makes an online teacher effective?

Online Teachers Tell All
What is it like to be an online teacher? Find out by reading these tell-all submissions by online teachers of all sorts.

Canvas Instructure Review
Canvas Instructure is a relatively new online learning management system that allows students to integrate their accounts with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

10+ Ways to Be an Exceptional Instructional Designer
Stand out as an instructional designer by mastering these ten skills, techniques, and qualities.

2014 e-Learning, Open Education, and Distance Education Conferences
Take a look at the top 2014 conferences for online teachers, instructional designers, and e-learning professionals.

10 Things Millennials Are Teaching Us About the Future of Online Learning
Millenial students don't learn in the same ways as previous generations. See how millenials will change the world of online learning in a major way.

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