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Hardware Requirements


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In this age of ever advancing and improving technology it is essential to stay on top of the changes that are constantly occurring everyday. You can have the top of the line computer one day, and a junker the next! In order for you to run the latest software and programs required for your online classes, you need to make sure that your hardware is up to date. So, what can you do to stay ahead of the hordes of upgrades and changes? Conveniently located below is a guide that will assist you in staying ahead and in buying a new computer to bring you up to date in the technological world.

Memory (RAM): RAM stands for Random-Access-Memory and is used with basically every program out there. Not only will your computer run smoother with more RAM, but it will load programs faster. RAM is a must for ALL computer users, but especially key for gamers and graphic editors.

RAM Average: 128 mega bytes (MB)
Recommended: 512 mega bytes (MB)

Hard Drives: Hard Drives are what store all of your computers information once your system is turned off. Most programs these days are at least one gigabyte, plus music and pictures take up a great deal of hard drive space. Because the hard drive has to store so much information, it is key that your hard drive be large.

Hard Drive Average: 40 Gigabytes
Recommend: 80 Gigabytes

Processors: The processor basically does exactly what is contained within its title, it processes everything that happens on your computer. The faster the processor, the faster your entire computer will be!

Processor Average: 1 Gigahertz
Recommended: 2.4 Gigahertz Pentium Four.

Video Cards: Video cards cycle all of your graphics, making them appear sharper and all around better. There are many video cards to choose from, some are quite affordable and are of great quality. Video cards are the most important part of a gamer or video editor’s machine. They will also enhance any multimedia elements your school requires.

Video Card Average: 32 bit
Recommended: 64 bit

Operating System: The best operating system depends upon the user. Different operating systems do different things. For example, if you are big on video and graphic editing, you would want Mac os X. If your a gamer, you would want Windows XP or Windows 2000

Sound Cards: Sound cards control all the sounds that your computer makes, from music to random beeping sounds. Much like video cards, there are many sound cards to choose from, however it’s hard to go wrong with buying a sound card. Many new programs require sound cards in order for you to successfully operate them.

Keeping Your Computer Up to Date

Following these guidelines for upgrading and buying a new computer, you should be able to stay slightly ahead of all the new and exciting upgrades and get the most from your online learning experience.
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