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Using Your Distance Education Degree

Once you've earned an online degree, make sure you put it to good use. Find out what companies accept degrees from nontraditional schools and learn how to get employers to take your distance education degree seriously.

Where Will Your Online Degree Take You?
Will employers and colleges take your online work seriously? They will if you have the right type of accreditation. Learn what types of degrees are commonly accepted by interviewers and traditional universities.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Graduation
Without the traditional cap-throwing, gown-wearing, sappy music-playing graduation ceremony, finishing coursework can sometimes feel anticlimactic. But, don’t let that get you down. Check out one of these unique ways to celebrate.

Resume Format
The perfect resume could land you the perfect job. Once you get your online degree, make sure you take the time to show off your new accomplishment through creating a fresh resume. The following format can help you organize your new resume.

Make Your Resume Sparkle
Before you put together your resume, make sure you cast your virtual studies in the best light possible. Before faxing your resume to your potential employer, check out these four tips for making your hard earned degree shine.

Unexpected Ways Online College Will Help Your Education & Your Career
An online degree is more than a piece of paper. If you play your cards right, your online classes should give you a better educational experience and open greater possibilities in your chosen field.

25 Active Adjectives for Your Resume
Distance learners know that better resumes create better opportunities. So, whether youre using your new online degree to score an amazing career or are looking for employment in the meantime, use this list of 25 active adjectives to describe your personality and working habits in the best possible light.

25 Powerful Verbs for Your Resume
When an employer is sifting through the piles of applications, action words are the most likely to catch the eye. The right verbs can make a resume stand out and give your future boss a better idea of your accomplishments and abilities. So, when you sit down to make your education seem top-notch, keep these 25 powerful verbs in mind.

Job Search
After earning your degree, you may be in the market for a better job.

Searching Online
You've earned your degree online. Now take it to the next level by finding a job through one of these virtual job banks.

Impress With Your Resume
A resume is an essential step towards getting the job you deserve. Learn how to write a resume that impresses your future employers.

Improve Your Search
Tired of waiting for the perfect job to land in your lap? Give these tips and tricks a try.

Online College Graduate Success Stories
Online college graduates have gone on to do amazing things. Learn what online college graduates have accomplished and share your own story.

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