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Resume Format


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The perfect resume could land you the perfect job. Once you get your online degree, make sure you take the time to show off your new accomplishment through creating a fresh resume. The following format can help you organize your new resume:

Contact Information
Give your name, address, phone number, and email address.

This is the part where you tell what you want. Explain what kind of job you are looking for or what specific position you desire.

Write a brief summary of what makes you the right person for the job. If you want to really impress your potential employer, write this description specific to the individual job for which you are applying.

Give the dates, degrees earned, and colleges attended. If the school is obviously an online school, you may want to include accreditation information to let the employer know the school is legitimate. Also include any special credentials or certificates.

Give the dates, places of employment, and a brief summary of each of your previous jobs. Use active verbs and adjectives in your summaries and be sure to highlight the specific results you achieved rather than your day to day schedule. (“Raised $500,000 by designing fundraising events” is much better than “Participant in the fundraising team.”) If your work experience is sketchy or you have big gaps in between jobs, include information about your volunteer, leadership, or organization participation.

Awards / Computer Skills / Language Abilities
Each of these is an optional category in which you may explain more of your accomplishments. Choose to go into detail about qualifications that are relevant to the jobs you are applying to.

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