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Resume Writing Tips - Make Your Resume Sparkle

4 Ways to Show off Your Online Degree to Get the Job You Want


Whether you’re in the process of earning your degree online or have completed your studies years ago, chances are you intend to use the qualifications earned online to get a job. But, before you put together your resume, make sure you cast your virtual studies in the best light possible. Before faxing your resume to your potential employer, check out these four tips for making your hard earned degree shine:
    1. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If it’s not going to come up during your interview or employment, there’s no need to mention that your alma mater was an online institution. Your school may be a superior, accredited university. However, not all interviewers are aware of the advancements in online education and may view online degrees as inferior to degrees earned at traditional schools. Save yourself the hassle of having to prove yourself by not mentioning unnecessary information.

    2. Use buzzwords. Using powerful words to accentuate the explanation of your studies can help your resume stand out. Possible words include: certified, developed, fully credentialed, managed, created, awarded, etc. Descriptive words demonstrate your ability to act and get things done.

    3. Make note of accreditation. Or don’t. If your school is accredited by one of the commonly accepted regional accreditation boards, then make note of it. If your school isn’t accredited or is accredited by a different organization, it’s probably safer not to mention it at all.

    4. Connect your college. If it is necessary for you to note that your degree was earned through the internet (and if the school isn’t accredited), consider showing your school’s connections to other reputable institutions. For example, if UCLA was sponsoring the online program you participated in, you’ll want to make note of it. If Microsoft sends its employees to get certified at your school, let your employer know. Your school’s admissions counselors should have information about your school’s connections that can be used as you put together a resume.
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