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Online High Schools for Gifted Teens


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Gifted Virtual Schools: A Growing Trend

Gifted teens often struggle in traditional high schools, bored by the workload and held back by the rest of the class. A growing number of academically talented teens are now enrolling in online high schools, designed especially for their needs. The assignments are challenging, the teachers are exceptional, and the diplomas look good on a college application.

What to Look For in a Gifted Online High School

When selecting an online high school for your teen, make sure the program is regionally accredited. Proper accreditation will ensure that the school is legit and the credits will transfer. You may also want to consider the program’s reputation with universities. Ask a college admission’s counselor how the school views your selection.

Curriculum is a particularly important decision for gifted teens. Make sure the school you select has a solid college-prep curriculum and, if possible, several AP classes. Some gifted online high schools even allow students to take college-level courses from online universities. If your teen has a special talent (art, science, etc.), consider selecting a school that focuses on these strengths.

Suggested Gifted Online High Schools

There are many online high schools that cater to academically advanced teens. Here are a few of the best:
Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth – Although the tuition is pricy, this 3-year program offers a superior education from one of America’s top-rated universities. Students take challenging AP classes and have the option of enrolling in Stanford courses or attending a summer institute.

University of Missouri High School – Students enrolled in this program have access to college-prep, gifted, and AP courses. Those looking for more challenge can participate in the “dual-enrollment” program that allows students to take university courses to earn both high school and college-level credit.

University of Oklahoma High School – This virtual program allows students to choose from challenging electives such as journalism, aviation science, and Latin. Students can also earn dual-credit here by enrolling in online courses provided by the university.

Making Gifted Online High School Work

After enrolling your teen in a gifted online high school, be sure to monitor his progress. Sometimes, teens become overwhelmed with a more challenging course load. The rigor of gifted programs can come as a shock for students who are used to “easy” classes. Keep in mind that gifted doesn’t necessarily mean responsible. Many advanced students need parental oversight to stay up-to-date on their virtual assignments.
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