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How to Prepare for the GED Online


Basics of Preparing for the GED Online:

If you want to increase your eligibility for jobs and college entrance, consider preparing for the GED online. Many websites offer exam guide books, practice tests, and other material to help students study for the GED online.

Can I Take the GED Online?:

No. It is important to remember that the GED exam cannot be taken through the internet. Although you may prepare for the GED online, you will need to go to a physical testing center to take the actual exam and earn your certificate. Websites that tell you otherwise are scams.

Preparing for the GED Online via the American Council on Education:

The American Council on Education facilitates the GED exam. Check out their website for GED online study material including the official practice test and sample questions. The website also lists your local testing center.

Preparing for the GED Online with Regional Resources:

Many adult education resource centers offer students a way to study for the GED online. They may offer you access to virtual video instruction or help you prepare for the GED online with practice programs. Because these centers are designed to help local students, you’ll need to find one in your area.

Preparing for the GED Online with Other Websites:

When choosing material to help you study for the GED online, avoid websites that promise to send you a GED without the need for testing.

Some reputable GED online practice sites include McGraw-Hill’s Online Learning Center and GEDforFree.com.
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