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Online GED Preparation



GED preparation websites help you study from home.

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Online GED Preparation Basics:

While you can’t earn a GED through the internet, many online GED preparation programs are available to help you prepare for the GED exam. Here’s what you need to know about testing requirements and online GED study options.

What is a GED?:

A General Education Development certificate, or GED, demonstrates that the recipient has knowledge comparable to a high school graduate. To be awarded a GED, a person must pass an official five subject exam administered by the American Council on Education. The test covers subjects that are typically studied in American high schools including writing, reading, social studies, science, and mathematics.

Why Earn a GED?:

Test takers generally seek a GED as an alternative to earning a high school diploma. If finishing high school is not an option, a GED certificate may help you qualify for entry level jobs and college admission.

Can I Earn an Online GED Certificate?:

No. The GED test cannot be taken online - websites that claim otherwise are scams. Although there’s no such thing as an online GED certificate, many websites are available to help test takers study online before completing the test at an official exam location. GED tests are often given at community colleges, high schools, and continuing education centers.

How Can I Avoid Online GED Scams?:

Do not trust websites that promise to give you an online GED certificate without stepping foot in a testing center. Also, remember that a lot of GED study materials are available for free. You may choose to pay for an online GED preparation program, but you do not have to.

Online GED Preparation Websites:

The official American Council on Education (ACE) website is the best place to find basic information about the GED, locate a testing location, and access online GED study material such as sample exams.

You can find additional no-cost online GED study material from SteckVaughn’s GEDpractice.com, GEDforFree.com, and 4Tests.com. Online GED preparation sites are designed to help you know what to expect and take the test confidently.

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