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Free GED Classes Online

Where to Find Free GED Classes on the Web


Want to find free GED classes online? Although you are required to take the official exam in person, free GED classes can be taken over the internet to help you study and prepare.

Free GED classes often contain subject summaries, practice questions, and test-taking tips. Below are links to some of the best free GED classes available.

Keep in mind that some websites require you to provide an email address in order to access their free GED classes. In such cases, you may need to decide between receiving future advertisements and taking free GED classes.

ACE Free GED Classes

Although not a course in the traditional sense, one of the best places to find free GED study materials is from the American Council on Education. This organization administers the GED and also provides no-cost resources and practice questions.

Free Online GED Classes from Free-Ed

This intensive, 2-year free GED class walks students through everything they need to know to pass the GED and prepare for college. Students can begin the free GED classes on the first Sunday of each month and log-in to receive weekly assignments.

Free Online GED Classes from GED for Free

Check out this site for 200 pages of study material and practice tests. Students are required to provide an email address and other identifying information before accessing the free online GED classes.

4Tests Free Online GED Classes

This free GED class from Steck Vaughn offers an in-depth online practice test on the subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
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