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Online High School Profiles

List of Regionally Accredited Online High Schools


American students can now choose from dozens of online high schools. The online high school profiles in this directory are all regionally accredited, the most widely-accepted form of accreditation in the United States.

Note: this site does not do paid profiles; the online high schools in this section have been chosen by the site editor and reviewed impartially. Online high school summaries are excerpted from full profiles by impartial reviewers. Click on any school's name for info about their programs, learning opportunities, and tuition fees.

Allied National High School

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At Allied National, students work at their own pace and have up to a year to complete each course. Teachers can be contacted via e-mail, phone or discussion boards. For an extra fee, the school also offers an "enhanced support" option.

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy is a K-12 distance learning school offering a Christian-based education. Students can earn a high school diploma through Alpha Omega Academy’s online classroom "Switched-On Schoolhouse" or through print-based mail correspondence.

Ashworth University High School

Ashworth University High School offers a complete curriculum for grades 9 through 12 as well as individual courses for students who need to pick up a few credits in order to graduate. The school emphasizes online study, but it also offers print-based correspondence courses. Because all courses are self-paced - students can even decide when to take their exams - Ashworth is best suited to independent, motivated students who prefer to set their own schedules.

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online

At this private, not-for-profit virtual K-12 school, a certified teacher guides and supports students through their education. Students generally complete one self-paced course at a time, but they must master each lesson before progressing. Parents or guardians must agree to be active in their child's education.


Each course at CompuHigh has its own teacher, whom students can contact by email for help. Teachers may take up to 48 hours to reply; most have regular 9-to-5 jobs unconnected with CompuHigh. The school suggests that students take two courses at a time and complete at least one lesson a day in each course. Students can take up to a year to finish a course

EPGY Online High School from Stanford University

Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) offers a rigorous high school curriculum for exceptional students. They provide academically challenging courses, preparation for advanced placement exams, access to some university-level classes, and college application counseling. EPGY Online High School has demanding admissions requirements and a high price tag.

Indiana University High School

Students enrolled in Indiana University High School can choose from a basic diploma or an academic honors diploma. Since Indiana University High School allows students to transfer up to 35 of the required 40 credits, the school is a favorite of seniors looking for a place to graduate.

Keystone National High School

Keystone offers two tracked programs for its degree-seeking students. Those on the college track have access to Advanced Placement courses in 17 subjects, as well as honors courses in such areas as English, American government and chemistry. Students on the career track can study subjects like business writing and computer fundamentals to help them gear up for the job market.

Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs offers a personalized distance learning program that provides online classes and traditional text based classes all at a distance.Only credentialed teachers with advanced degrees in their subject area are hired.

Orange Lutheran High School Online

Orange Lutheran Online is geared toward college-bound high school students who want to pursue spiritual development as part of their education. The school offers a full high school curriculum, and students must study theology in addition to standard high school subjects like English, science and math.
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