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University-Affiliated Online High School Profiles


Some online high schools are affiliated with brick-and-mortar colleges. These university-sponsored programs may offer advantages such as the expertise of college-level professors or access to for-credit college courses. Many of these online high schools are tailored towards gifted students. However, there are also some university-affiliated programs available to those needing remedial coursework.

The university-affiliated online high schools in this list are all regionally accredited (the most widely-respected form of accreditation in the United States).

Ashworth University High School

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Ashworth University High School offers a complete curriculum for grades 9 through 12 as well as individual courses for students who need to pick up a few credits in order to graduate. The school emphasizes online study, but it also offers print-based correspondence courses. Because all courses are self-paced - students can even decide when to take their exams - Ashworth is best suited to independent, motivated students who prefer to set their own schedules.

EPGY Online High School from Stanford University

Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) offers a rigorous high school curriculum for exceptional students. They provide academically challenging courses, preparation for advanced placement exams, access to some university-level classes, and college application counseling. EPGY Online High School has demanding admissions requirements and a high price tag.

University of Missouri High School

MU High School's program balances independence with structure: Courses are self-paced but must be completed within nine months. In addition to standard core classes, students can explore photography, anthropology and dozens of other subjects. The school also caters to advanced and academically curious students by offering "gifted" courses, AP courses and access to some university courses.

University of Miami Online High School

Run by Kaplan Virtual Education, UMOHS offers full-time, part-time and summer study for students in grades 8-12. The school specializes in "special talent" students (such as competitive athletes and performers) who need to work around training and travel schedules, but it's open to anyone who prefers a more flexible high school alternative.

University of Oklahoma High School

The University of Oklahoma High School (UOHS) is a distance learning diploma program offering both internet courses and paper correspondence courses. UOHS students have access to over one hundred classes including electives such as journalism, aviation science, and Latin. They may also choose from over 60 University of Oklahoma college courses as dual-enrollment students.
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