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How to Earn a High School Diploma From Home


Online high school can be a convenient way for both teens and adults to earn diplomas from home. Virtual high schools often offer flexibility for students to work at their own pace and during their own hours. It is possible to earn an online high school diploma that will be accepted at colleges around the country. The following resources will help you decide whether or not online schooling is the right choice, find an accredited online high school, and succeed in your virtual studies.
  1. Is Online High School the Right Fit?
  2. Choosing an Online High School
  3. Online High School Accreditation
  1. Online Charter Schools
  2. Online High School Profiles
  3. Online High School Success Tips

Is Online High School the Right Fit?

Online high school isn't for everyone. Virtual programs are best suited to adults, self-motivated teens, and teens that have parent supervision during study hours. Use these articles to determine whether or not online learning is right for you.

Choosing an Online High School

Choosing an online high school can be difficult. Many low-quality programs make big promises, but fail to follow through. These links will help you make the best decision.

Online High School Accreditation

Proper accreditation is one of the most important aspects of choosing an online high school. If your high school diploma is accredited by the proper agency, it will be accepted by most colleges and universities. These articles will help you understand the need for accreditation and identify reputable accreditors.

Online Charter Schools

Online charter schools will provide teenage learners with access to virtual books, teachers, and supplies...at no cost. Use these links to learn more about this new way of learning online.

Online High School Profiles

There are dozens of online high school options. Check out this growing list of profiles for information on tuition, teaching styles, accreditation, and more.

Online High School Success Tips

Choosing the right school is only half the battle. Once you've enrolled in the perfect online program, use these resources to make the most of your virtual study time.

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