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Readers Respond: How Has Online Learning Changed Your Life?

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Has online learning helped you excel in your career? Grow as a person? Make big changes to your life? Share how online learning has changed your life and see what other online students have to say. Share Your Story

Advancing a Career During a Busy Life

I chose online learning because I have a full time job and a part time job but I wanted to advance my career in counseling field by getting my Master's degree. Knowing that I did not want to spend all my free time in the city, I chose Walden's online program. Now, I cannot even imagine going back to the classroom again.
—Guest Megan W.

It Became a Career

I became an online college student out of necessity. I live in a small town with a community college, and I wanted to complete my Bachelor degree. I went on to get a Master of Educational Technology through Boise State, and now I work in Distance Education. It has definitely changed my life, and for the better!
—Guest adm

Doing Something for Myself

I home-school my 2 kids, and have been doing so for some years now. RDI is giving me the opportunity to whip my brain back into shape after my break from work. True, it is not easy studying 2 and a half hours, each morning in order to start school with the kids from 7.30am; but now, a few months later, I would not have it any other way!
—Guest Barbara Ann

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Years ago, I earned a lot of college credits though it was hard to do so and, eventually, I could not continue. By enrolling in Excelsior College and using those credits plus those earned online and through tests, I am going to have that bachelor's degree very soon and be able to get a master's right afterwards. Being able to study when I have time to do so and take tests when convenient as well as interact with fellow classmates and the instructor online has made it possible to finish this degree and have a great experience while doing so. Excelsior will accept the credits you earned (even years ago) from regular college classes, online courses they and other institutions offer, their own Excelsior tests as well as CLEP and DANTES and you can get federal financial aid as well as their own institutional scholarships. Excelsior College and online learning is turning my dreams into reality.

Learning How to Acheive a Balance

I studied my second career in UNED university and it was quite strange because I was used to learn on classes, share information with people and so on. But In those times I was a university student, a young one, and now I am a worker who intended to share his time between studies and my job, that is not so easy. So I had to force myself in order to 'attend' online classes and be online every time my studies require it from me. But, for those that we are not used to study this way (younger people are testing online courses with a better adaptation) it is a little bit difficult. But I have to say that it does not matter, because when you get accustomed the advantage of this method is tremendous.

Aiming for a Promotion

I haven't got the promotion I want yet, but it's only a matter of time. I work for a company that will usually only promote people that have degrees (in any field). So, my boss suggested that I finish my degree online. I was almost done anyway, so it's only taking me a few classes and I'll be eligible.
—Guest Charlie

An Example to My Kids

I've been a stay-at-home mom for many years. Now, as my kids are getting older, I'm taking online classes to prepare to re-enter "the workforce." One unexpected benefit is that I feel like I'm being such a good example of studying hard for my kids. Now, when they sit down at the table to do their homework, I do my homework right beside them. We're a whole homework-doing family!
—Guest M.M.

Expanded My Mind

I already had a degree and a well-paying job when I started online learning. I took classes just because I wanted to learn something new and there weren't any universities nearby that offered classes during the times I could take them. Online learning isn't just about getting ahead in life...it's also about learning for the sake of learning.
—Guest Thomas Q.

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How Has Online Learning Changed Your Life?

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