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Readers Respond: You Know You're an Online Student When...

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Do you wear your pajamas to the midterm? Buy eye drops in bulk to sooth your tired eyes? Let the world know what serious or silly traits online learners have in common. You know you're an online learner when...

You network

You search for familiar names within each new class discussion board for 'classmates' you know yet you never met and may be hundreds of miles away.
—Guest Tatyana

Your classroom is a US Navy ship at sea!

In between hunting down pirates and battle stations, there is always time to write that Theology paper that is due!
—Guest Jason

You forget....

You forget that people with "normal" lives don't appreciate a 3 am call from you (just taking a break).
—Guest Verneita B.

You feel the pressure

Initially, its not so much pressure but as course progresses, and with lots of reading, assignments, searching the net for relevant information, forum participation etc. takes away all non working hours as well as some sleeping hours from my total 24 hours, and I end up wishing that there were more hours in a day. I'm surviving only because of passion, personal commitment, love and support from my sons.
—Guest Vani Nair

You think email is way better than phone

As you are 'on' when everybody seems to be 'off' (see 'in class' comment), emailing, writing on forums, and posting on blogs and journals all seem to make much more sense and be faster in getting your ideas across than picking up the phone to talk to tutors and other students.
—Guest Karen

You wake up 2 a.m. to finish an essay

The responsibilities are enormous: work, family and daily chores. So after midnight is the best time to complete distance homework.
—Guest -Guest Ekis

You're always busy

You have to attend to continuous postings on discussion forums, replying to the tutor’s questions, giving feedback to at least three students, completing assignments with at least two different subjects, assessing two or three students essays, attempting quizzes, writing into the learning journal on the week's activities, reading and searching for more information, and participating in the class forum.
—Guest iskandar

Your knowledge expands

Your knowledge about the world and universe is going up.
—Guest Nancy Leisel

You attend class on the run

I'm always reading, thinking, writing, and whatever I need to do when I'm in the car, the tub, or shopping.
—Guest Mel

You make yourself available

You seem to sort out job issues speedily in order to close early enough to go back home to read or prepare your assignment.
—Guest Joel

Your posture gets worse and worse

I can't be the only one that watches online lectures slumped over, on the couch or even in bed.
—Guest Lurker

You're "in class" at 3 a.m.

All of the virtual students I know end up doing most of their course work in the middle of the night.
—Guest Melody

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