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Readers Respond: Online College Professors Share Their Pet Peeves

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Online professors prefer students that can stick to the schedule and stay on topic during virtual classroom discussions. But, what online student behavior really annoys the instructors on the other side of the screen? Find out by reading these responses and, if you're an online professor, vent about your own frustrations.

No Info in Email Communication

Biggest pet peeve? When students don't include their course name or section number information. This forces me to look through the roster of EVERY gradebook to find him/her. It saves both of us time if they just include this information in each email communication.
—Guest Guest

Student Misspellings

One of my pet peeve is when people misspell words instead of spelling the words correctly for instance the word forever to make it short for them the word becomes 4-ever or 4-real it really aggravates me when I see precious words be changed.
—Guest Lisa Smith

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