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Readers Respond: What Do You Love About Being an Online Teacher?

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Online teachers may miss the face-to-face discussions held in traditional classrooms. But, there are definitely some perks to teaching online. What is your favorite part of being an online teacher?

SO much to love!

I love getting to know my students - since I am often working with them one on one, I get to know the kids and their families better than I used to in the face-to-face realm. I talk to them in our live online session, through email, and on the phone regularly. I also love not having to deal with disciplinary issues - I get to focus in on sharing the subject I love, science, with my students and they comment that they can see my enthusiasm and passion for the topics we cover. Flexibility is HUGE - I can work my schedule so that I can attend my own childrens' events, volunteer in our community, sit with a sick friend, or attend to aging parents. I can work anywhere I can get internet and the quality of my work won't suffer - in fact it will be enhanced. Case and point - I was able to participate in an Environmental Science study in Costa Rica this year while still teaching my students!! LOVE LOVE LOVE working online!
—Guest Mrs. P

Flexible Schedules

I love the flexible schedules of being an OLS instructor. I am to work from anywhere at anytime rather than a set time that I would have in the face-to-face classroom. It is not uncommon for my students to see postings anywhere from 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from me. Most importantly, the service men and women that are fighting in war zones make time to continue their education. This is very admirable. The diverse backgrounds of the multi-cultural range of students allow more cultural exposures that they would have in a face-to-face classroom.
—Love My Job

Teaching in Sweatpants

Honestly, I prefer to focus on the matter at hand and not worry about dressing up in a stuffy suit. Now, I get to teach the subject I love (science) while wearing sweatpants, hanging out with my dog, and eating Doritos. Nothing better.
—Guest Mr. Charles

Having Diverse Classes

I love being an online teacher because of the student diversity. In a regular college, classrooms are generally made up of students from the same socioeconomic background and even the same location. Online classes have students from around the world that bring many different backgrounds to the table. It makes for much better group discussions.
—Guest Logan

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