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Readers Respond: How to Find Cheap Textbooks

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How do online college students find cheap textbooks or even free textbooks? See what cheap textbook shopping tricks real students have to share. Then, let other students know how you found your discounted textbooks.

Price Comparison

I've started using http://textspyder.com. It shows you the comparison of textbooks from pretty much all the places online that you'd usually buy textbooks from (like amazon and chegg). I think I saved about $200 last semester by going through them.
—Guest Andy

Amazon Stalking

Amazon is almost always cheaper than college bookstores. Also, there are a bunch of sites you can use that track prices on Amazon...so I buy my books when they are at their cheapest levels. Also students get free 2-day shipping. So, it is hard to beat that!
—Guest CC

Local College Library

The community college library near my house has pretty much all of the books I need for my online classes. They won't let you take them out of the library so I have to go and read them there. But, it gets me out of the house and it's free.
—Guest George

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