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Readers Respond: How Do You Balance Online Classes with Your Job?

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Taking online classes with a part or full-time job can be a balancing act. Many online students struggle to meet their work deadlines while still turning in school assignments on time. If you've found a way to make online classes and employment work together, share what you've learned. How do you balance online classes with your job?

There Must Be a Balance

I think the most important thing to realize, when juggling a full-time position and full-time work with school and on-line courses, that you cannot do it all! I have learned through experience with this one, some semesters I have had to drop a course or take a lighter load due to work… and I’ve had to come to peace with the fact that, it’s ok. I quickly learned that by pulling a 9hr day at work and then sitting in class for 3-4 hours two nights a week, really wasn’t beneficial to either my job or my schooling, or myself. As long as you're moving forwarding yet still being successful at both, it really doesn’t matter the pace or time-line that you finish school in… especially if you’re lucky enough to have a job your enjoy!
—Guest Kelsey G

Set Aside Time to Study

It's all about programming your daily activities. Study at least 30 minutes for your classes and give yourself time to do school work.
—Guest Joseph Mosidi

Job First, Classes Second

Honestly, I always give my career the highest priority. I'll still have a job if I get a C in an online class. But, I won't be able to stay enrolled in my online college if I lose my job. I'd rather have mediocre grades and keep my employer happy about my performance.
—Guest Taylor

Talk About the Benefits

Before starting my online degree program, I had a long talk with my boss and explained all the ways my new degree will help the company. Now, he's one of my biggest supporters. Sometimes he grumbles when I can't stay late all the time, but he knows the degree will benefit his company in the end.
—Guest Sarah K.

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